Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Craftsy 2013 BOM- May

Here we are another month and another set of new blocks complete. My granddaughter, Jana, and I are diligently completing our blocks each month. This month's block was another easy one. I think they are called spool blocks.

I continued to use my traditional fabrics. I pulled another modern fabric (the blue) that I felt mixed well with my reproduction fabrics. We only needed 7 blocks, which was good, because I miss cut one block. It has been enjoyable to learn about  block construction in general. This is another block I have never done, so I am pretty happy with the outcome so far.  I have been reading about quilting a quilt block by block and then constructing the quilt once the blocks are quilted. I am toying with the idea of doing this for my quilt. I need to learn more about it thought. I am guessing that the back is hand stitched. I'm not exactly excited about that process. Can anyone recommend some detailed reading material or a tutorial on the process?

My reproduction fabric blocks

Jana is continuing along her colorful way. Sometimes I think she gets wilder with each block. Most of her blocks where different (only one duplicate). As you can see she used more Kaffee Fassett fabrics. Some of these are a little wild for my taste, but she likes them "wild and crazy". On second thought I bought the fabric, so I must  like a little wildness in my fabric too! I am not sure I would have used the same combinations. But it's her quilt, and perhaps she has something going here. I am sort of fond of the middle block on the bottom. And the bottom left block too.

Jana's modern selection

Did you know it is a fashion statement to wear glasses even when you don't need them to read?

Oh to be 11 again. Wait no I don't want to be 11, but it is fun watching my granddaughter be 11!

Speaking of wild and crazy, my granddaughter brought the quilt I made her over to be washed, and she wanted me to share this section. We called the quilt Happiness. That is because the border has fabric with happiness written on it, and each block represents something that makes her happy. I made this quilt, but she picked most of the fabrics. As you can tell she is not afraid to mix and match her fabrics.

So what does Jana love? Daffodils, sewing, girl scout cookies, granny smith apples, fishing , the lake, strawberry shortcake, fairies, bunnies, dad, scrabble, gardening, guitars, her brother, mom, butterflies, snow, granny,  swimming, is amazing what can fit into a quilt.
An older picture of the quilt top before it was quilted.

A final note. Jana is two blocks away from finishing the blocks for her Papa Don't Peak quilt. She plans to finish them next week and we will post all of the blocks together. I hope we can get some feedback once she posts them. There are decisions to be made. The biggest is to add sashing or not? We will have some fabrics to trial...Till next week. Happy sewing to all.