Sandy - My friend and long arm quilter

I can not begin to convey what a comfort it is to have a person you totally trust  take a project you put your heart and soul into, not to mention lots of fabric and money, and know  they will not only respect your work, but enhance it with their quilting.

I love fabric. I love to piece.  I am learning to quilt smaller projects, like wall hangings and doll quilts my granddaughter makes.  Honestly, that is all I am interested is doing. I used to feel guilty about this. I wondered could I call myself a quilter if I am not making the sandwich, and quilting it together. Last year I completed Bowman's Beach, a quilt designed by Chris Hoover of Whirlygig Designs. I was having a problem and emailed her. She was very gracious in helping me work through that issue.  I confided that I sent all my quilts out. I felt validated when she said she sometimes does the same. It is not because she can't do them.  She said get more enjoyment from piecing and designing, than the quilting. Boy do I relate.

Sandy Erwin, quilting my quilt Windows to the Wild, for my eldest son.
I received several books on quilting this Christmas. I was looking forward to reading the book Foolproof Machine Quilting by Mary Mashuta.  I was a little disappointed with this book. I expected to learn about overall designs I could do with my walking foot. The book is okay, but did not meet my expectations. The second book, Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen, is a winner. It is packed with tips on technique and design. Even these books advocate sending larger quilts to a long arm quilter. No more quilt guilt!

Most of the time I give Sandy free reign on the quilt design. She has excellent judgement. When I finish Easy Street it will be on it's way to Sandy. Then I will begin a quilt for my youngest son who likes oriental design. This summer Sandy and I met (while we stayed at her Bed and Breakfast, Our Sunset Place) and discussed fabrics and how to modify one particular block to fit into the quilt design. We also did some research  and looked at potential designs for the quilting. I am excited to begin work on this project for my youngest. It is the next in line once Easy Street is completed.

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