Sunday, February 5, 2017

Time on my hands-Let's start Lady of Lake Erie.

I have time on my hands and a lot on my mind, so what a girl to do but sew?  I had planned to just gather my fabrics for my Lady of Lake Erie Quilt (which is in Quiltmaker Reader Favorites published Summer 2015). I can see why it was included in this issue. I loved it since I saw it.

It took me some time to translate Quiltmaker language into mine. They don't give unit sizes and I wanted to use Bonnie Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool to cut the fabric. I experimented with their instructions and looked at Bonnie's Essential Triangle Tool instructions to come up with the strip size. I made a few test block and I was off to the races.

One of my first blocks was a disappointment. I realized that I have to be careful with directional fabrics, as if I am cutting out two blocks at once, one will be reversed. I also realized that one of my neutral fabrics didn't work for the half square triangles.
Waves going in too many directions, boats got chopped up. Will probably discard.

I had to rethink some of my fabric choices. One of my neutrals quickly became a favorite. I loved the motion of the design and there are even fish tales. Too cute!

Cute neutral, love the fish tail

In some circumstances the reversals where not much a problem.

Since blocks are also turned on side. This reversal did not bother me.

Here I used a plain fabric for the half square triangles

I went through my stash trying various combinations.

Before I realized it I had 28 blocks completed.  I will need 100 for the queen size quilt. I will probably make at least two block from each fabric, perhaps four.

I like to kit up units and cut out another 20 blocks. Then I thought about how to keep them organized, especially as they probably would not be completed before I go to the hospital for my stem cell transplant. I decided to chain the pieces for each block together. That way I will have the pieces together for each block. Nothing can be misplaced. Unless I misplace the entire block.
string piecing the block pieces

I am not sure if I will sew more before Wednesday, but if I do the blocks are read to go. I just need to press the seams and sew them together. If not they are all set in a zip lock bag awaiting my return.

The finally diversion for the weekend was having my lovely granddaughter over. She started a tumbler quilt many months ago and decided she wanted to get it pieced before I went into the hospital. She did everything: picking fabrics, cutting pieces, sewing, etc. We plan to take it to the Loveland Quilt Workshop when I am able, so she can experience the quilting process. Here is her quilt.

Here she is working away, always with a smile.
Just having sew much fun!
I was not able to get time at the longarm machine this week, so I will have a stack of tops to quilt when my immune system allows me to get out and about. You can bet that Jana's will be one of the first.

Everyone take care, and have fun piecing. I'll be back around March first, God willing.