Thursday, September 7, 2017

New Ways to Quilt Together

It's been a busy few months. Honestly I have tried to blog, but have some trouble with my computer system.  I got impatient so just forgot about it.

Today someone reminded me that each phase of our life is a new adventure. Having retired and my granddaughter being a high school student are some new adventures for us.  While I have more time to sew, she has less time. That's how things go as children grow.

Another change has been that my local quilt guild disbanded because of lack of members. Many still get together at the local senior center for sit and sews. I still miss the group.

I've done a few charity tops, but I don't like the results I get quilting on my home machine, and there is a long wait for time on a rented long-arm. Below is one comfort quilt I completed for a friend newly diagnosed with cancer. I love this pattern and it went together very quickly, only half square triangles and setting triangles. It worked because I was able to use a long arm machine. to quilt.

I put this on the long arm machine long side up and picked a pantos that looked like swirls falling down the quilt.
Detail of quilting.

A friend Rose came to my aid. She belongs to a quilt group whose main function is to put together charity quilts. They donate quilts to a variety of agencies.  They have teams of member who put together quilt kits, and others who do different stages of the process. All working together for common good.  What a great group. She also took a few quilt tops I had pieced for charity and will quilt them and donate them. Win for all.

I had been searching for such an organization to reduce my stash and was able to donate several boxes of fabric, patterns, books, batting, etc. It was enough to nearly fill the back of her truck and to be honest I have more than enough left to do many, many quilts.

I used the above pattern to make a fall quilt for a nephew that moved to Maine.   I plan to quilt it long ways as the quilt above, but use a trailing leaf pattern.
Forest Floor in the Fall   
There where some cancellations at the local quilt shop so I have appointments this Saturday and the following Saturday. I have three quilt tops waiting to be quilted.

My next project is Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy House quilt. I have another two quilts in the planning stage. More on my next blog.