Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I need another quilt like a hole in my head.

My husband is right. I need another quilt like I need a hole in my head. That doesn't mean I don't need to make more quilts, even lots of quilts. So the solution is to make them and give them away.

While it was not my initial intention, I have given away every mystery quilt I made, expect for my first one. (It had too many mistakes).  I still love it and use it every day. Others who have done Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilts understand when I say that quilt taught me a lot  and I would never have tackled it if I knew what I was getting into. Still it was worth every stitch. My knowledge and skills really grew and improved doing that quilt.

 While some rush through and complete Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilts weeks after the last clue, that's not me.  It took me nearly a year to finish, quilt and bind the 2016 Mystery, EnProvence.

Meanwhile.....I had been wanting to make quilts for my cousins, but was not sure what to make. Cousin Pat mentioned Loretta likes purple. Yahoo I just happened to have finished a quilt with purple. You all can guess want it is. En Provence of course. So my first gift is completed.

Finished En Provence

Close up of block
Truthfully I have become a slacker when it comes to taking pictures. I'm lucky to have these two of the finished product. I put my camera in a "safe" place and have been looking for it for weeks. I finally found it today. I wish the quilting showed up better.

Next I had to come up with a theme for my cousin Kathy's quilt. You never know what will inspire you. Her quilt was inspired by a newsprint wide backing I saw on e Quilter. Eureka! This was perfect for her. I decided to do Bonnie Hunters Scrappy Happy Houses. As usual I didn't follow the directions exactly. There is no sashing and the background is a constant black. I found a lovely fall print for the border. I think it tied it together. So here is her town. And the backing is the newspaper print, with lots of affirming headlines. I love how it turned out.
Happy Scrappy Houses.

The nicest thing is this was all from scraps.The houses are all from the same size strips (I think 2 inches). I just cut strips and had them everywhere.  It did not make much of a dent, but it was fun to shop the stash for the fabrics.

OK, for some reason my cursor is stuck in the middle, who knows what I did. I have two others quilts pieced and will quilt them this weekend. I will post when the bindings are done.
By then we will know the color selections for the next mystery.
I am going off the deep end with my selections. No matter what colors Bonnie selects I know what I'm using. I just don't know how much and if I need to add to my stash.
Happy piecing to all.