Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jana and Grandma's new projects.

"Stars" Jana said, "I want to do a quilt with stars". It only took a few minutes browsing through the Free Patterns at Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville blog to have the perfect new project for 12 year old Jana. It's Smokey Mountain Stars. Jana, being her own bright star will be doing a "very colorful, rainbow" version of this quilt. Below is the Bonnie Hunter's quilt Jana is making.

Bonnie Hunters Smokey Mountain Stars from Quiltville Blog

We have been sewing ourselves silly this weekend. Yesterday afternoon I helped Jana cut out the 4 and 1/2 " squares she needs for this quilt. I have a container full of 2 1/2 " squares. So she is set to sew. She used the grab and sew method. She selected her 4 1/2 inch squares fabric, but for the corners she just reached into the contained and used whatever she picked up.

Not sure if she is saving those corners or tossing them.

 Her goal this weekend is to finish the 42 colored (dark) blocks. They get 2 1/2 inch squares on two corners.She is enjoying watching the design come together.  She achieved her block goal. I was very proud of that she stuck with it. There where a few blocks that weren't perfect and she fixed them, not settling for  "bad" blocks. She took a few breaks and before it was dinner time she had all 42 blocks completed. Her sewing skills are really taking off. I was surprised that she figured out how to use the ruler to have a straight and  even 1/4 seam when she she cut away the corner fabric.

Mission accomplished.

These took a long time to sew together, but it was fun!

Jana's "rainbow" star blocks (center of the star)

 Jana will work on her neutral blocks on her next visit. In the mean time we want to share the completed top she helped make for her mom.

Ready for the long arm quilter. The backing  is a surprise.

While Jana sewed, I offered support and worked on my own project. I am making a retirement quilt for a co-worker who loves to travel and camp. I found this fun panel and decided to use various 2 1/2 inch squares to make borders of 9 patch blocks.

This is an audition for the outer border. Not so crazy for the green.

I'm still playing with an idea for the corners. I may add green leaves to each corner to carry the theme through  out the quilt. Finally I am considering a  thin dark brown tonal border to set the center of the quilt. I am thinking about finishing the quilt with a four inch outside border.

Possible border fabric. Seeing them here I don't think they go together.

We won't get together for another few weeks, but we are both looking forward to another productive (and fun) weekend. Thanks for checking in.  Hope you have a chance to quilt together with someone this week.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Delighted with Delightful Stars

I know that reading and seeing are brain functions. However, sometimes the message does not get from my eyes to the part of the brain that understands. That happened again this week. I just made 304 four patch blocks. Yes, the instructions say 304  2 1/2 squares for the 4 patch blocks. I did not realize my error until I  pulled out the instructions to put together my border. Oh my... I have a lot of four patch blocks left.

extra 4 patch blocks

Despite this detour, I was able to complete my Delightful Stars quilt today. I omitted the last two borders. One was a pieced border and then a four inch border of the background fabric. I have one half yard of background left. Not even close to what I needed. I know I could have tried to match but  decided against that. It is what it is, and it is finished (except for the quilting). I really like Michele Foster's process for the borders. I used the measurements she provided and pinned from the center out. Everything came together. Oh yeah!

Delightful Stars

 I have some threads to clip, a few pieces of paper stuck in a seam and a final pressing. Once that is completed it is ready for my long arm quilter. I am uncertain how I want this quilted; I know something simple, that does not distract from the design. Perhaps grey, or a varigated grey thread. I think this quilt is going to hang on the wall, so the back is not as important. However, I think it should at least compliment the front in case I change my mind.  Here are a few pictures of the corners.
Corner detail

More corner details.

Another decision is what to do with all those left over four patches. I am thinking about some oversize pillows. There are probably enough left for another quilt. I will just wait till inspiration strikes.

Other news: I am still waiting for my border fabric for the Jump quilt, so that quilt is in a holding pattern. The small lap quilt for my daughter is on hold too. The backing fabric is in the same shipment.

I have promised my sister's grandson a quilt. I think that will be my next project....So many quilts I want to make.  Thanks for checking in. Have a great week.