Sunday, September 13, 2015

Catching up and finding balance

I realized it had been a while since I wrote on this blog, but was shocked when I logged in and realized my last post was March. Where has the time gone?

I've had several distractions that kept me from the blog. I have been working to find balance in my life. January through March I sewed like wild. After all the weather was cold and it got dark early. Unfortunately I didn't get out and walk, or swim, and barely did my yoga. As a result my diabetes went a little wonky and I've spent the summer finding a balance between work, gardening, exercise and quilting..Believe me, it hasn't always been easy. I am not giving myself permission for any sewing marathons unless I began the day with a hour of some kind of workout.

Here we are in September and hopefully I can kept up with the schedule I've created for myself. Of course that does includes time to quilt.

My last two projects where for family friends and both where inspired by patterns found in Quiltmaker.  The first pattern is from a recent Quiltmaker magazine. The pattern is designed by Heidi Pridemore.

Clemson University Quilt

Prior to that I modified another Quiltmaker quilt. Summer Joy is designed by Ann Weber and can be found in the Mach/April 2015 issue. I am not an applique fan so I changed the applique blocks for blocks featuring some fun beach fabric. I liked the large block size as it enabled me to use the beach and lake fabrics. I also make use of the left over half square triangles from the block to make the pieced border.
Summer Joy

Here is a  picture of the magazine cover that inspire the quilt above. 

Pattern Summer Joy

I plan to stay connected. I follow Kevin the Quilter's blog and he is inspiring me to get back on track. Coming up next blog is Bonnie Hunter on my mind. I've completed a few of Bonnie's quilts in the last few months and have one under the needle right now...but that's for the next blog.