Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tidying up-finishing simplier projects.

When ever I finish a big project like Grand Illusion, I like to give my sewing space a once over. I have cleaned my machine, and added a dab of oil. This should hold it over until I can get it in for it's yearly service and cleaning. This will leave me without my machine for at least a week. I've a plan. I put binding on two quilts, all that is left is to hand sew down the back. They are nice large quilts, so it should take awhile. Unfortunately for some reason the binding seems to be coming out wavy. I am not sure why. I used a walking foot. Any ideas?

Today I went through a big box of scraps. Some had already been cut into 2 1/2 inch strips. This is my meager attempt to be organized like Bonnie Hunter. I ended up with a shoe box size container of 2 1/2 inch strips, some 2 1/2 inch squares and some three inch strips. Not a bad start. There are a few other boxes to clear out, but I'm feeling satisfied with my progress. I also created on container for all orphan blocks.

Earlier in the week I finished a quilt top for a great nephew.  I am scheduled for a lesson on using the long arm machine at a local quilt store. It will be interesting.  Here is Brandon's quilt top.
Brandon's quilt top

Lastly I have been working on blocks for a Scrappy Mountain Majesty for my son. I'm not sure which layout I will use when it is done, and my son is absolutely no help. I wanted it to look something like the Smokey Mountains. Not sure if my fabric selections for the sky is working. So I have about half done...and many to go.

A sampling of blocks

An option for layout.

I am not thinking too far ahead. Hopefully the design solution will be clearer when I have more blocks completed.

Tuesday the machine goes to the shop and I'll be hand sewing. Let hope the snow misses us. Everyone have a great week.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bonnie Hunter and My Imagination- Grand Lake Illusion

Oh, it's just my imagination, running away with me, yes it's just my imagination, running away with me.  When I first saw the colors for Grand Illusion I knew I would change the colors. I just used a lot of pink in Lazy Sunday, and since even the cat is a boy. I didn't want another pink quilt.

As I rummaged through my fabrics I came across my inspiration fabric. Everything I pick from then on related to this fabric.

I also knew that if I followed the pattern I could not mess up a Bonnie Hunter design or pattern. So, I took a calculated risk, I changed pink for purple,  I flipped the aqua (my inspiration) and the neutral. My aqua, green and yellow where constants and my neutral and purple where scrappy. I followed Bonnie's pattern in every detail but the color. I just wanted to see what would happen.  In my Grand Illusion my imagination decided to focus on the lake. I imagined a design floating on the water, lake grasses, water lilies, and sunlight dancing off the lake water. Oh yeah, and the brown is the stones and rocks around the lake.

My next decision had to do with the narrow border. I liked how the yellow looked on every one's quilt. I laid out my inspiration fabric and the yellow. The inspiration fabric won. I like how the aqua melted into the border at the triangles. Keeping with my lake theme, the water is splashing against the shore.
Water wins over the sunshine.

I had a little last minute panic as I put the border together. I thought I had not completed enough blocks. But I found a few blocks  that were on the wonky side and needed to be reworked. In no time at all I was back on is Grand (Lake) Illusion
inspired by Bonnie Hunter and my imagination.

Completed Grand Illusion

Corner Detail

I still need to clip some threads on the back and stay stitch the outer edges so it does not stretch and then put it away till I can get it quilted. Oh what fun this has been! I am happy, happy, happy.

My next project is to finish a space quilt for a great nephew. Then it is a toss up between Crab Apples, a Christmas version of Celtic Solstice, or maybe Carolina Christmas. So many of Bonnie's quilts, so little time.

Check out this link to see everyone  progress. It's not too late to print those lessons off and start your own Grand Illusion!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Grand Illusion plan is slowly coming together

When we started this quilt and I changed my colors. I picked a beautiful blue batik as my background fabric (rather than a neutral).  I changed pink to purple and used a neutral where Bonnie used the aqua. The vision in my head included a quilt that looked like the lake, with maybe some lilies. I know it was out there, but I think things worked out and I am on my way to achieving my goals for this quilt. What do you think about how the colors worked together so far? It reminds me of how the light and shadows reflect off the lake,

In my eyes, a pattern floating on the lake. Love that blue.

I have to say I am moving a little slow on this one. I only have the first three rows of the center completed. Row four's blocks are done and I am putting that row together. Row five is put together in kits just waiting to be sewn together.

3 and half rows completed.

Honestly, the wind child is -22 and I'm having trouble getting motivated. I'd rather wrap up in a quilt than work on one in my basement.   I will get the last two rows together before next Monday (We are having a heat wave and it's going to near 30). I still need to decide on the inner border. Bonnie used yellow and I am considering this. I do not have enough blue, and I do have some purple. Once the center is completed I will audition some border fabric.

I did want to share some of my tools.  For Christmas I got one of the magnets for pins. Well that little thing is great. I am horrid at keeping my pins off the floors, etc. One sweep with this lovely and they are all organized. No more stepping on pins.  I've also loved using my 4/12 sq ruler and the same for the 12  1/2 in square ruler. Everything is going together greater. I am sure using these tools to square things up really helped.
These are a few of my favorite things.

Finally I have discovered an interesting batik wide background fabric on line. I am still deciding, but I like the soft subtle look.I am not going to impulsive and will hold of purchasing until I am sure it's what I want.

Here is the link to Bonnie's weekly link up. Enjoy seeing everyone's progress.

Thanks for checking in.