Papa - Don't Peek!-10/01/2013

Hi. My name is Jana and I am making this special project for my dad. My dad likes red and black. He likes Oriental designs.  I like to make Ohio Stars and Friendship Stars, so I decided to make a quilt that is red and black and has Ohio Stars and Friendship stars. Each weekend I spend some time with my grandma. I have a sewing machine at her house This will be a surprise for my dad for his birthday in September. I am thinking about doing 25 stars for his quilt.
These are the first four stars I've made.

Here is the part of the pattern for the Ohio Star. It is from the Crafsty Block of the Month I did in 2012. You can still get this by going to their web site. You can see how my quilt turned out on another page in this blog.  Did you know you can use  this pattern to make a Friendship Star? The only different is that you have one less step. Once you make the half square triangles you have that piece done. You do need to trim them down to 4 1/2 inches.

Following these direction I make perfect Ohio Stars.
Next week I will have more stars to share.


This week I only did two blocks. I really liked this material. Grandma says it reminders her of fireworks. We also got some red background fabric. Later I will make some with red background and black stars.

February 17,2012

This weekend we did five new blocks.

This weekend's block

I got tired of doing all black with red, so decided to do some that where red background with black. Grandma decided to do a red on red because she thought the fabric went together really nice.

Mixing things up with red background and red fabric.
I will end up with three with this combination. It will make 25 blocks.
And we made little block kits so its all ready when we go to sew the next time p.s. it makes it very easy to make the blocks when the fabrics are already cut.

Here it is and it is the end of September. We got the quilt back from the long arm quilters. Jana did the binding (with help from grandma) and presented the quilt to her dad. It was a hit.

Proud papa and daughter!

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