Generation 3, daughter Nicole

We can't all quilt. Perhaps we can, but choose another way to express our artistic side. My daughter Nicole loves to do counted cross stitch. I really don't remember when she started to cross stitch. It's been a while, and perhaps she was inspired by her dad (my DH), who is a very talented  cross stitcher. A few years back he has traded in his needle and thread for a scroll saw. Still I think he had a lot to do with Nicole's choice of artistic expression. Here are two pillows she cross stitched for her children. I put them in pillow form. Jana is peeking over the top of her pillow.

pillow for Jana

I completed the quilt below for my grandson this summer. He requested a quilt based around an arctic fox he saw on equilter. His mother made him the pillow. Did you know the arctic fox is not white in the summer?
I am sure he would be hiding too if he knew I would be posting his picture on my blog.

This is the quilt I made him. The fox in the middle is the pillow that goes with. It is covering the middle panel of the quilt, which is actually the same panel as the pillow. He was very picky and had clear ideas about what he liked.  I designed this quilt, with my grandson's input.

Here are a few more or Nicole's projects.
 These last two are older examples. They are the baby quilts Nicole cross stitched and I put together for her children, now 16 and 10. These quilts where tied rather than quilted. They have been through it, but the cross stitching still looks great. I can't say the same for the rest of the quilt, especially my granddaughters Jana. I think she literally chewed the corner off when she was a toddler dragging it around.

Grandson's baby quilt

Granddaughter's baby quilt.

Here are a few other projects Nicole has done. As you can see she does very nice work and has great attention to detail. Keep up the good work!

What are you working on now Nicole?


  1. I started doing Cross Stitch shortly after dad did. I want to say it was in the summer of 1991 that I began my cross stitch journeys.

  2. I am currently doing a Love Poem. I am going to have it hanging like a scroll when i finish it.

  3. i have been sick for last 3 wks. i'm finally feeling better. i am going to be back to work on my love poem project this week. i have a little over 12 hrs of work to do on it. when it is done i will be sending it to my mom via email so she can share it.

  4. Well after a long run of headaches and colds, i finally last night got my love poem done. I just have to clean it and all that goes along with that. once i do, i will get a picture of it and send it to mom so it can be posted. It turns out, after taking some measurements of the actual design that i can frame it.