NO UFO's- Projects on the tarmac. still waiting for take off January 2017

I have a quirky side. I hate leaving any project half done. If  I need to paint a room I start it and finish it. I am not into paint a wall today, and another next week.That makes me crazy. I am okay with little breaks. But, I do not like to start one project, and set it aside. I am a process oriented person. If I run into a problem I like to work through it. Therefore, I do not have any UFO's.

I can delay gratification  if I know that is how it is from the beginning. For example doing Craftsy Block of the Month with my granddaughter or any Mystery Quilt. I know I have a piece of work to do, then I must put it up till the next month or next step. Still I like to finish that step or block. That does not mean I have to finish it all in one sitting, but I won't start another block or project until I have finished the task at hand.

Officially I have no UFO's. I do have something I call Projects on the Tarmac. These are project where I have my inspiration. I have the pattern. I have the fabric. What I don't have is the time (or motivation) to start the project. Especially since I have my "don't start a new project till you finished the current one" motto..They are sitting in a container, neatly folded, like planes lined up for take off on the tarmac.

I don't call these UFO's. How can something I never started be unfinished? I pondered what to call these projects. I am calling them Projects On the Tarmac. I just like thinking about them  sitting there all ready to go. It also fits with UFO's (in my mind anyway). Who knows maybe I will get over that and come up with a more appropriate name for these quilts in waiting.


The good news is that as of this update I only have one quilt waiting from previous years. Will this be the year it takes off?  Perhaps I can shame myself into action. It's been in the project bin since August 2014.- I am more than a little embarrassed by how long the quilt has been waiting. I love the fabric, so I am not sure what keeps me from starting it.Thank goodness fabric does not go bad.

One of these days: Fashion District- From Quilts Made Modern

I was browsing through Quilts Made Modern at my local quilt store. When I saw the quilt Fashion District. I knew I would make it. Several fabrics caught my eye that day. They set the tone for the additional fabrics I would purchase to complete the palette. That was an expensive trip. A new book, and over six yards of fabric just to get started.

Inspiration Fabric
Border Fabric
Isn't this lovely fabric?


Currently I am working on my version of Allietare and have added two Bonnie Hunter quilts to my project bins.

My next quilt IS- The Lady of Lake Erie by Bonnie Hunter-

Here is the pattern and my dark fabric. I am ordering light fabrics even though I have plenty of neutrals in my stash. I want lights that represent Lake Erie so I've ordered various nautical themed neutrals.

Why this quilt pattern? We love going to Port Clinton, Oh, which is on Lake Erie. I even belong to the local quilt club there.  We travel up at least once a year, on our anniversary. But some times we make it three or more times. Nothing better than being at the lake!.

I plan to give this quilt to my hubby for our anniversary in June.


Next in line will be Bonnie's Criss-Cross Applesauce. No picture of this baby, but as you can guess it's green and red. I have tons of greens and red. I've had my eye on this lady for several years. I'll wait till the Lady of Lake Erie is near completion to pull from my stash.

Once that quilt is done I'll tackle another Christmas quilt. I still have a bin stuffed with Christmas fabric. I have not decided what pattern. 

So this is my to do list for the year. God willing I complete them.

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