Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mug Rugging It

Ok, I know I kitted up all those Lady of Lake Erie Squares. The truth is I have not felt up to doing much sewing. I had my stem cell transplant on Feb 9th. It's been a little rough going since then. It seems I am not meant to work on Lady of Lake Erie. I've messed up several blocks and then discovered that I miss cut at least a half dozen. Very frustrating to say the least. That project has been set aside for the time being.

Not only did I miss cut some of the kits, I discovered that I had actually sewn half of the 40 block I did incorrectly. How could I not see it? How could I make the same mistake over and over?

All wrong

Correct layout.

The solution? Make mug rugs with my granddaughter Jana. Jana has decided to make mug rugs as end of the year gifts for each of her teachers. This past weekend she made her first two. We used a block pattern from McCalls magazine that allowed for lots of creativity and the use of scraps.

This weekend the color theme was green. Jana started with these two.

She is checking with her teachers to discover their favorite colors. We have been using scraps, but I did order one piece of fabric with musical notes for her music teacher. 

Cool fabric for the music teacher.

In the meantime, sewing was interrupted by gallbladder surgery. I had mine removed a week ago. I've been uncomfortable, so I have used the time to take apart the Lady of Lake Erie blocks that I screwed up. I've resewed them so now I have 40 out of a 100 blocks done. I have another 10 cut out, but I am taking my time, stopping when I am tired and trying to just enjoy the process.

Spring in Cincinnati is always an adventure. Yesterday it was 75, now it is 42. That's the way it goes here.

 Thank goodness for gas fireplaces.  The picture is crooked, but the fire is warm, especially since this is our basement, which is usually cooler anyway. And that is where my computer and sewing machine resides.

Finally there is a chance of frost tonight. Hopefully all the plants survive. There are just too many to cover. So we will just deal with whatever happens.

Hope the flowers are still there in the morning.
Happy piecing everyone.