Monday, July 22, 2013

Craftsy BOM-July- Tumbling Blocks

We are finally caught up. This month block was easier than we expected. We really like the way it was assembled in rows. Again the cutting was the most challenging part. It seems we are getting the hang of it because nothing was too wonky and the block went together fairly well.

As usual I got to put my block together first. If we run into a problem, we can figure it out on my block (Jana's idea.). I am still using the traditional fabrics. Initially I had a brighter yellow but it seemed to compete so I picked a softer yellow. I am okay with how it turned out. Honestly traditional fabrics don't keep me up at night, but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone with this quilt. Since we are learning lots of traditional blocks, I decided to use mostly traditional fabrics. I think Jana's quilt will be very beautiful and energetic, just like her...hey mine will be.... well traditional and solid, like a grandma. At least that is the plan. And the last part of plan, we are learning together.

Grandma's Old School-Traditional block

Jana, being in love with bright colors and modern designs picked some more Kaffee Fassett fabric. We thought the pink might be too bright, but it turned out just right.You can see that the block tops are actually triangles sewn together. This is a neat trick that made putting these block together a breeze. I think we had the most fun trying to figure out the fabric, and making sure we didn't sew the words upside down.

Jana's New School- Modern block

An experiment in photography, don't ask why, no one knows.

What a difference fabric makes.

We where a little giddy and silly after finishing these blocks.

Let me get that camera away from that girl!  The block is upside down!
I only look grumpy. I am actually proud of my block. I just can't figure out what grandma is doing.

Grandma! Did you cut off my head again?

Do you know what we are most excited about?  August's block is a basket with a handle, and September are the flowers to fill it up. We can hardly contain our excitement.

We may be a little late getting started with the August block. We are all heading to Port Clinton the first of August for a little swimming and fishing and visiting the Islands, and to visit Sandy, our long arm quilter.

Thanks for visiting and watching our projects come together!

Jana and Darlene (Grandma)

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