Monday, July 14, 2014

Ready to move on.

This week has been full of tasks that seemed to take up every spare moment. First there is that job, that gives me the paycheck. The grand kids where here for a visit, and last Saturday my friends and fellow Hosta lovers gathered in my garden for the Hosta Society meeting. Hosta lovers are a lot like quilters. They are warm, caring and sharing folks.

My garden is tended and the house cleaned; it's finally time to finish up my last two projects. First  the binding on the cat's quilt...Yes, the cat has a quilt. My granddaughter Jana noticed how Shadow seems to love sleeping on quilts and suggested we make him one of his own. She found the perfect fabric in my stash. I only provide the simple quilting and the binding. All I can say is the cat loves his quilt. Every morning we find him sleeping on this with his little catnip friends.
Shadow's quilt

The last project to complete before I can get on to some serious piecing is to finish a baby quilt for a friend. She is expecting their first child this August. They don't want to know the sex of the child ahead of time, and she sort of "hates pink".

I decided on a bright, scrappy quilt of primary colors. I used Bonnie Hunter's pattern, Hidden Spools, but decided on a different arrangement of the blocks. This is certainly not a color palette I would choose. But she is young and full of energy. This is a quilt to be used, so I'm hopeful the little one will have years of enjoyment, playing on this bright little quilt. Just for fun, I added some fun and funky fabrics. And no disrespect to mom, but there is even a pink Volkswagen hidden in one of the blocks...after all she may have a girl.

Tonight the binding was finished and the quilt washed. It's ready in plenty of time. Tomorrow the quilt will be delivered.

This coming weekend will be full of fun. I'm heading back to Port Clinton, Ohio. My PC Ohio Star Quilt Guild is having a quilt show. It is the first time I have placed anything in a quilt show. It will be great fun. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to share when I return.

So the cat and our youngest will be taking care of the homestead. Next week my plan is to resume working on the Delightful Stars project. I am many weeks behind and have pledge to not start another project until I have made some reasonable progress on the Stars. It may be two weeks from now before I have examples to show. 

Have a peaceful week everyone.

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