Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quilters of all ages get together.

The past week has been busy. I've been sewing, and talking sewing. I've been looking at fabric, cutting fabric. and piecing fabric. Sometimes alone, but also with friends and family.

One of my favorite things to do is sew with my granddaughter, Jana.  She was here this weekend. We worked on a project for her mom.  We put a nice dent in the blocks and also decided on a layout. We want the quilt to look like leaves laying on the ground.  In a reversal of roles, I ended up pressing the blocks and Jana pieced.

Piecing Scrappy Mountain Majesty Blocks

Grandma Irons the blocks

Tentative Layout

Obviously we need more blocks. Four Mountains-make one block. We need  around 10 more. This will be lap size, with about a three inch border.

Earlier this week the Clermont Count Ohio Stars Guild had a picnic meeting.   The group has been working on a charity quilt. At this stage they are picking thread and backing. They have been working on this project the past year (before I joined). It is going to be fabulous.



Of course what would a picnic be without good conversation and food.

After a relaxing evening, it's back to work. I am nearing another milestone on my Delightful Stars Quilt. The next lesson is August 26th. This will result in the center being assembled. Only one more block to do and I will be ready.  These are two of the paper pieced blocks. Isn't the Starlight block on the bottom a pretty block?

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  1. You and Jana are both so lucky to be able to get together and sew. The leaf quilt is going to be spectacular.