Sunday, November 27, 2016

En Provence- Part 1 Bonnie Hunter Mystery

Well we are off to a great start on the new Bonnie Hunter - Quiltville Mystery, En Provence. Here is the link. You will find all the information you need to join the journey. Don't be intimidated, join in on the fun.

 Bonnie promised a beginning without the need for the specialty rulers. I had a suspicion that this step might be a four patch. I was right, which does not happen very often. Part one requires 221 four patches.  I had a neutral that is  pearl/lavender that I used in about half of my blocks. Here are some samples.
Samples of completed blocks
I realize that my four patches are fairly close in tone compared to some. I am going with what I have, but did eliminate some creams I initially pulled from my stash, as they where too close to my yellows. I think when sewn together there will be enough variety to add interest and depth, but nothing that will shout out "here I am". I still have 50 four patches to do and these are the fabrics I plan to use.

2 inch strips of neutrals
More neutrals
It's hard to tell from the picture but the fabric in front lower pictures is the lavender/pearl fabric. I don't know how this fabrics will play with the other fabrics in the quilt, but I am hoping that it works, especially if it is next to a purple or lavender in the quilt. I will just have to wait till we get to those colors to find out. I still have about a quarter yard left that I can use in other blocks if a neutral is needed.

I have the strips for my last 50 units cut. I only need to cut them into 2 inch units and sew them together to create the four patch. I have the rest of the week to finish, so I am pretty confident that I will complete this step.

Tomorrow is another day and another doctor appointment. I'll find out what the plan is to collect those elusive stem cells. I'm sure I'll be home to do the upcoming clue at least.

In the meantime I am on Christmas over drive. My cards are sent, most presents are bought and wrapped and I am making good progress toward getting the rest of the Christmas decorations done.
Christmas tree in great room.
The cat loves the tree, especially sleeping under it. He has not really bothered the tree or any ornaments, so far. A second smaller tree goes in the dining room today. It's amazing what you can get done when you are retired.

Coming next: Part II


  1. Your 4-patches look great. I'm sure that lavender pearl will look lovely against the purples and lavenders in the quilt.

    Best wishes for your stem-cell collection.