Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bonnie Hunter's Lazy Sunday- Part 3

After much anticipation, the newest Quiltmaker arrived, and I have been busy cutting and sewing, sewing and cutting (and ironing). I love putting the blocks together, so I did that first. I did some editing of my stash and pulled a few new colors in.  I decided that the background colors I used in the previous block just would not do in what I call the chevron blocks of this step. I loved the hydrangea fabric and was determined to use it, but it just was not the right shade for the block. So it was edited out and set aside. Perhaps I went a little overboard with my background fabrics for the first block? It worked well there, but no so much with the chevrons.

These are the fabric I didn't use in this step.
 I love how the pinks and yellows came together for this block. I realize it is not really scrappy as Bonnie's was. Previously I teased that my Lazy Sunday will be in the summer. At first I said I would use it to sit on the porch and drink tea. I think I need to change that to raspberry lemonade.

I loved the texture of these fabrics.

Four blocks with a green corner?   
The chevron block is where my editing game into play. I had to go through my stash and find some more tone on tone and a different purple to go with. I wanted to stay close my original selection. I edited out the purple floral above because it was too pink and there was too much contrast with the purples I used in the first block. I ran out of purple, so found some new on sale. Yeah!

All cut and ready to go. I just need the time to sew.

So only one more edition and the puzzle, and mystery will be solved. This is the first Mystery Quilt I have done that has progressed over so many months. The advantage is that you have plenty time to get each step done. On the other hand, you have to delay gratification and wait, and wait, and wait. That is actually good for me because I usually bulldoze through, making myself a little nutty trying to get everything done as soon as the step is published. No pressure with this one.

Here's a reminder of the previous block. You can see that the pink and purples do carry through to the current steps so I think it will still work well. I have no idea how this thing will go together. I just know I love doing Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts.

My funky background worked okay here.

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