Sunday, October 27, 2013

Taking time off to celebrate.

My husband's family has the longevity gene. Last weekend I took a break from sewing to travel across town to a birthday shindig for Eva Contadino, who turned 92. Her cousin Mario Giovanni,  also turned 92. So it was was a festive celebration. My mother-in-law Rena is on the right below. She will be 93 in March.

I am sure they are both thrilled that I am broadcasting their ages across the internet. Don't they look great? They may be  in their 90's, but they are young at heart.

Eva Contadino and Rena Contadino

 It was wonderful to see the cousins. Everyone shared stories of the good ole days and exclaimed all the kids are so grown we could hardly recognize them. Oh where have the years gone?

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  1. They would be beautiful ladies at any age, but at age 92, they're amazing.