Sunday, October 27, 2013

Squares, Squares and more Squares, and a quilt in a day.

After taking off last weekend, I have been sewing like crazy. I ran out of the white fabric for my Christmas quilt border, so could not work on it... My sweet granddaughter is not here this weekend, as her dad is off work. So it's just me and my sewing machine....Oh yeah, the hubby and the cat are here too.

The border fabric came in the mail and the first thing I did was complete my Christmas quilt. A few posts back I showed the pattern that inspired this quilt. I was also inspired by the green snowman fabric. It's from Moda's Aspen Frost collection. It's just cute, cute, cute. My only regret is the red I added. I made a change as the quilt progressed. Initially the small squares where going to a variety of red and green fabrics. I decided I wanted the quilt to be mostly green and white. More precisely I want the green solid and the green and red fabric from Aspen Frost.  If this was a gift I probably would have taken it apart and made it all green and white.. it's just for our what the heck. It's still cute. I can't wait till it is quilted.

Christmas quilt with Moda snowmen.
details of the snowmen.

I really like this pattern. Initially it it was just two rows, and adding the extra row was just what I needed.. This is an easy pattern and I am sure to make it again. I  think it would make an adorable baby quilt. One row might make a nice table runner. Hum...lots of possibilities.

On to the next project.

Since I had the day to myself I decided to try a new pattern. I have been looking for a simple pattern for a quilt I want to make for a friend. He likes modern clean lines and earth tones. I browsed through my old quilt magazines and this caught my eye. I don't think this color combination is very masculine, but the pattern is modern and the main idea is to have high contrast. I decided to flip the colors. I had everything I needed in my stash. The coolest thing is I made this entire quilt today. I could not believe how easy it was. The pattern is called Early Spring and was designed by Lyn Brown. It is in the Feb/Mar 2013 Quilt Magazine.

I can see why modern quilts are so popular. This went together so quick and it really shows off the fabric. I can see this pattern as a Christmas quilt too. Can you imagine a white back ground with reds and greens, or white and blues? Because of how easy it goes together, it would also make a great charity quilt.

I think I should call this Late Fall instead of early spring. Brown is not a favorite color. However this batik had an subtle, but interesting pattern. I think it set off the rest of the colors, made them pop. I am very happy with how it turned out. All that is left is to send it to my long arm quilter.

Brown Batik for the borders and beige, blues and greens for the contrasting fabrics.


  1. You have some gorgeous quilts here.