Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year - New Projects

What to do, what to do? We finished our 2013 projects. Okay, there are few final touches needed on those pesky sampler quilts. We decided to quit while we are ahead, add a border to frame it and call it complete.  Next week they will be sent up north to my long arm quilter. She will do her magic and I am sure we will ooh and aahh when they return.

The 2014 Craftsy BOM of the month is all about color theory. My darling granddaughter isn't interested. "I am learning about color theory in school," she said. I still added it to my cart because I was never into art in school, or else it just feel out of my brain somewhere between 1966 and today. I do not know if I will make the quilt, but I will at least watch the lessons and hopefully apply what I learn to my projects.

Jana has her ideas. "We've been saving those strips all year. I want to do a strip quilt". I am sure there will be some trimming involved. I'll show her some of Bonnie Hunters strip quilts to see if she wants to use one of these patterns or just do her thing. I am betting it will be a combination of Bonnie and Jana.

Jana's strips
The first project I have for the year is to work on a quilt for my nephew. He has some medical issues and I think he will enjoy have the quilt. He also likes antiques and old things, so I have decided to make a traditional quilt. Green is his favorite color. His son says he likes some purple too.
I found the quilt I am making in the book Quick Colorful Quilts for Beautiful Beds, edited by Rosemary Wilkinson. I found this book at Ollie's. It was a bargain. Oh happy, happy. I think the quilt will be perfect.

The quilt is designed by Alison Wood. .

My blocks will be green and the stars will be purple.
Samples of blocks

I have cut  35  3 inch strips. As you can see it's a simple 16 patch block. The finished quilt is 82" by 107". I am not sure if I will make it that big. It is six blocks wide and 8 blocks high. I will see how my fabric holds up and may subtract a row or two. I am optimistic about how this will turn out.

Next post will be about  another new project. Thanks for checking in. Happy sewing!

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  1. That's a great book, and you are off to a great start!