Saturday, January 25, 2014

We've got our quilts to keep us warm.

The Snow is snowing

The snow, is snowing, the wind is blowing, but we can weather the storm. What do we care how much it may storm.....We've got out quilts to keep us warm.

This is the lovely site that met us when we awoke this morning.  Even the cat does not know what to think.

BRRRRR. This week it has even been too cold to sit and sew in my basement sewing area. I do have a space heater, but with single digit and below zero temps all I wanted to do at night when I got home from work was lay on the floor in front of the fireplace. I've got nothing done this week.

This weekend we are a tropical 20 and the sun is peaking out. The quilt is waiting and I am itching to get to it. Last weekend I had three rows put together. I completed the other three today. All that is left now is the border. I decided to cut those pieces out so tomorrow I should be able to complete it.

Even more fun is coming my way. My long arm quilter, Sandy, called to say Lazy Sunday is on it's way back. I sent Celtic Solstice up to her this week.

This is my progress on my current project.

There is not enough light downstairs, so I just tossed it over a bed. The borders are three inches, so this will be a nice size when it's finished.

Thanks for checking in and stay warm.

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