Sunday, November 2, 2014

Finishing touches

First things first. It's November. A time to give thanks and honor our family traditions. One of our family traditions is to set out this Friends of a Feather Display. I'm had other Friends of a Feather pieces, but have gotten rid of them over the years. For some reason I have kept this. Thanks go to my granddaughter who got this out and set up the display. 

Now it's time to get on with sewing. This has been a productive week and weekend. First on the agenda is the quilt for Aunt Eva. Last blog I shared a LaScala print that I hoped would be the border. Unfortunately no one, and I mean no one, liked it. It was sent to the floral bin and I decided on a simple border. I agree that this shows off the graphic design of the quilt much better. The floral would have clashed and been a distraction. It ready to go to the Longarmer. And a search of the stash found more wide background fabric! Although I did not take a picture of the finished quilt you get the idea. Keeping it simple I added a cream border.

OMG-forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt.

One of my favorite things to do is sew with my granddaughter.We have lots of fun together. We work hard. Sometimes we talk too much and make mistakes. But as Jana says, "it happens", and that's why we have seam rippers. For us it as much about the process as the outcome. Jana, 12 years old,  has been sewing for nearly four years and is becoming a very talented quilter. We made this quilt for her mother. Ohio Star quilters also helped as this was my BOM for the local quilt guild. There were extra blocks. Jana picked a few and made a few more for this pillow to go with the quilt. Her first pillow entirely on her own. Yeah Jana.

Jana and Smokey Mountain Majesties Quilt and Pillow

Last task for the weekend was binding the two quilts below. This coming week I hope to get at least one more done. These where finished on the machine as they are utility quilts that will get lots of use. Which is exactly what I like.

Autumn Happy Trails


  1. I've never seen a display such as yours. So nice that you kept it to enjoy.

    I'm always amazed at Jana's work. Her quilts (and pillows) are beautiful.

  2. Thank you for the autumn quilt and pillow! they look even cooler in person! Jana awesome work on the pillow!