Friday, November 6, 2015

I'm so happy I can't stop singing Allietare, Allietare!

Do you have that one idea for a quilt that you really want to do, but just don't have the  right pattern or vision?  Do you look through books or magazines hoping for inspiration? Me too, and Bonnie provided the  inspiration. I'm IBM, Italian By Marriage. Since Bonnie took her trip to Italy I have hoped against all hope that Italy would be the theme of this year's Mystery Quilt. As you all know my hopes have been fulfilled and I am so happy. I have the paint chips and shopped my stash. I even have my easy angle and companion angle in my container.  Every piece came from my stash. I have not purchase even a fat quarter for this quilt. I think Bonnie would be proud.

It is almost like Bonnie could see my stash because these fabrics are only the tip of the iceberg and I have many other options in these color families if I want to go extra scrappy.

Reds-Not sure about the one with the green leaves.

Golds, the light fabric in the middle is much darker than it looks.

All kinds of neutrals-going a little wild with the black, but is reads neutral

Flash too close? These are actually black on black.
I'll get another picture of the black.. I am still on the fence about which to use as my constant fabric. I really like the grey with white and pieces of gold. I think it might bring the quilt together. The solid fabric seems a little dull.  I will wait to see how it's used and what colors are the companion for that step to make my final decision.

Which grey to use? Doesn't the white and gold brighten things up?

 I am all ready for Allietare. While I am waiting I will be working on my winter solstice and a project for my Cincinnati Ohio Star Quilt Guild.

Finally I have a new quilt inspector. His name is Smoky. He thinks he owns the place and is usually very nosy. I think he will make a good inspector. For now, he is not feeling the excitement. He just says wake me when it's time to start working on that first step.

Lastly - thank you Bonnie Hunter - Can't wait to get started.

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  1. You have some gorgeous fabric - can't wait to see how one turns out.