Sunday, November 1, 2015

Taking down the stash

It is the first of November, and I am so excited about the upcoming winter mystery I am having trouble finishing my current project. On my last post I shared I am making a Winter Solstice. It's inspire by the winter sky and Bonnie's Celtic Solstice pattern.

I am trying figure out the best way to add a little zip. I'm nearly half way through the stars and they are kind of bland. This sample is actually turned around. The dark blue squares are the corners.
Fabrics with snowflake and  the night sky set the mood.

My plan is for the alternate block to sparkle like stars on a moon lite night. But I think I need some contrast or another color.  Here are my colors for that block. My last decision will be to decide if I want to do the work of making the center pinwheel, or just use the gold as my center. Since this is a holiday quilt I'd like to simplify things.  I also have a green that picks up the blue on the left. I may use that for the chevrons. I think I'll make a few samples and then decide. I love this pattern, so I don't want to venture too far from what Bonnie designed.

Today I hope to complete a few more star blocks and make some samples of the chevron blocks. If this does not make sense check out Bonnie's  blog or Facebook page and see Celtic Solstice in all of it's glory. You can also click the link on this blog.  A word of can be addictive...but oh so rewarding.

This little project has not begun to put a dent in my stash. I've barely put a dent in my holiday fabric container.  I will not look at new fabric until I can close the lids on all my containers. I realize that my stash is small compared to many others. It's also a mess, and I still have another shelf that looks about the same.

You might notice a container of reds, golds, blacks, neutrals and some grey too. Those are Bonnie's colors for Allietare, the winter mystery.  I'd say I'm set.

Coming soon my fabric selection for Allietare.  Thanks to Bonnie Hunter for sharing her talents.

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  1. Hey Mom! If you do the gold(s) i wouldn't only put it in the middle of the star, i think that boldness right in the middle would draw the eye to that spot and take it away from the rest of the pattern. What if, where the outer points of the star ( blues) are, and the white triangle, if you used the white with the gold accents instead? .... maybe?? Just thinking outloud....

    Also, if we make it up this year for Thanksgiving, I can help you fold up your fabrics or lay them flat, whichever works best to help you with the closing of containers.

    Anywhoo... i am sure whatever you decide on the winter quilt, it will look awesome when it is finished! They always do!