Monday, October 10, 2016

Paper Dolls

After months of applique it's time to return to the thing I love. Piecing! Several months ago while browsing through my quilt books I came across Paper Dolls by Brandon Mably. It is different from the quilts I have made in the past, but I was drawn to the quilt and the memory of cutting out paper doll strips when I was a child. And I remember a song called Paper Doll that my dad loved. I think it was by the Mills Brothers.  So I thought this must be the one I'm meant to make.

The quilt pattern

The pattern came from this book.

Although I love Kaffe Fassett's fabric. My goal for this quilt is to put a dent into my bin of floral fabrics. I decided to pick fabrics that would reflect a day in the garden. I am considering sticking with various shades of green for the background. We will see how that works as I progress. These are the paper dolls I've completed so far.
This background is not a yellow as it looks in the picture.

Not sure how I feel about this background.

Dolls in blue dresses.

Four paper dolls.

All together I need 27 dolls, I am only planning on making two of each doll. They go together quickly and I have to say I am enjoying making these blocks.

While I've been working on this. I have also been helping my granddaughter with her purple tumbler. She spent the weekend and she was able to get all the rows sewn.
arranging her tumblers so there are no repeats in the row

Rows completed
Jana finished her rows and has selected a layout. The first two rows are sewn together. Once all the rows are sewn together she will add a purple border. She has not decided how it will be quilted.

We both made good progress this weekend. It will probably be at least a few weeks before we get together again. I go back in the hospital tomorrow for more chemo. Recovery is usually two to three weeks. See everyone then. Hopefully I will have more paper dolls to share.

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