Friday, March 8, 2013

Economy Blocks-March Craftsy BLock of the Month-

Jana and I are still working together on our Craftsy 2013 Block of the Month quilts. If you have been following our progress you know that grandma (me) is doing the quilt in reproduction fabrics. I am old school. Jana has decided to be thoroughly modern and use bright colors and modern prints. She is new school. So the old school/new school project continues.

March's block is the economy block. It included a drafting lesson, which I am sure will come in handy some day. I'll have to go back and watch it again. I admit that I was not paying attention. This weekend we just wanted to get our blocks done? My January and February blocks where a little on the dull side so I decide to brighten things up with another fabric that I feel compliments the reproduction fabric. Here is my block.
Grandma's old school Economy Block.

Jana has contiued with her cheerful bright selections. She had considered using orange for her setting triangles, but we thought it might overpower the block. She went with blue instead. I think it turned out beautiful. I have no idea what kind of fabric she will end up using for her background. In the project picture the background all appears to be a white/natural fabric. I am not sure if using the blue in this block will throw a wrench into the process or not. She is pretty adventurous and is trusting her instincts. We tried out several fabrics before she pick this blue. I am actually pretty amazed at the  "eye" she is developing at her young age.  Here is her "new school" block.

Jana's Economy Block

This project has been very good for learning how to carry a color theme through the various blocks. Each month the blocks have been very different, and since we are both doing our own fabric thing it is exciting to see how these blocks are coming together. For now Jana has used the dark blue in each block. She also used the red fabric in her February block.

old school-new school

Grandma and granddaughter-side by side.
So we are keeping up with the project and excited for each month to come along so we can do the next block. Stay tuned and keep quilting together!

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  1. Those are going to look really good when finished!!