Sunday, February 24, 2013

Craftsy BOM 2013-Old School VS Modern

This weekend my granddaughter Jana and I have been catching up on the Craftsy BOM for 2013. We where not sure if we where going to do it. Jana started with the Sugar Block Club as her project, but the second month was paper piecing. Now neither of us have the patience, so for now that has been put aside.

Jana and Grandma (me) with a cool pincushion grandpa made.

We wanted  our own project, but one we could do it together. We decided that we each will do our own Crafts 2013 BOM quilt. For the last few months I had been picking up reproduction fabrics. This not usually my taste, but I was feeling a little historic, thinking about ancestry, etc and thought I'd pay a little homage to the past and use this fabric.

Jana on the other hand is a thoroughly modern 10 year old. She is into light and bright, wild and funky. As you can image her fabric choices are electric.

Since we got a late start we spent our weekend catching up. We have both done lots of log cabin blocks, so January was an easy assignment. It is actually very interesting to see the difference fabric makes in a quilt.

Modern Jana on left- Reproduction for Grandma on right
February assignment is 3 blocks with partial seams. Neither one of us had made  blocks with partial seams before. The video lesson was very helpful. You will love Jana's philosophy. "Grandma you make yours first, that way if you make a mistake by the time I do mine we will know the right way", she said.

I have to admit I did get a little turned around. But she was right by the time I got mine done we had figured it all out, worked out the kinks and hers came together easily. She was a little nervous at first, but quickly gained confidence.

Jana with  January and February Blocks

You might notice that Jana likes to sew in her pajamas. Are there any of you out there who do the same? Jana is also still wearing the back brace from the spinal fusion she had on December 12th. Hopefully she will be able to stop wearing it after her next appointment the end of March. So for now she is just taking it easy.

Modern  vs Reproduction

If I am being honest I must say I am finding the modern more inviting, but I am sticking with my fabric choices. I am going to sneak a few more colorful pieces in along the way. This quilt is about learning new skills and quilting together so we have room for flexibility.

 All of our blocks plus her new pincushion. It's made from lace wood. 

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