Saturday, November 2, 2013

Getting Ready for Celtic Solstice - Bonnie Hunter's next Mystery Quilt

When the leaves begin to change and the temperatures drop some think of Thanksgiving, pumpkins, turkey and dressing. For many quilters the coming of fall is met with a different kind of anticipation. Fall is when Bonnie Hunter announces her Mystery Quilt.

This year's quilt will be very exciting. Bonnie traveled to Ireland this year. That trip inspired this quilt, including the colors. I had been secretly hoping she would make an Ireland themed quilt. A bit of Irish blood run through my veins. I am especially excited about this quilt. I must admit that initially the colors did not make me shout out with joy. However as Bonnie says they are partially inspired by the colors of the Irish flag, so I am embracing them.

If you are new to Bonnie Hunter"s Mystery you should give them a try. There is a link on this blog. Just look for the green bear. I plan to follow her color scheme very closely. She provides names and number of paint chips to use as a guide. This year they are Olympic paints. It is very helpful to use the chips when shopping your stash or at the store so you can keep your colors in the same value. I learned this the hard way with my Easy Street quilt. My greens where all over the place, so I lost the pattern in some places. I still love the quilt, but it was a lesson learned. When I did this summers Lazy Sunday I changed the colors a little, but learned to keep the value consistent.

Here are the fabrics I'm starting with. I am sure I will add and subtract a few before the quilt is done.Bonnie uses a variety of fabric patterns in her backgrounds. I am not that brave, plus I don't have the diversity in my light scraps, so I am doing one fabric for my background. It's a Moda Grundge.

I am happy with my blues, no changes expected here.

The greens on the left will probably go. I have another green with small shamrocks to add.

Many of my oranges are a little darker and brighter than the sample. I have another two pieces on the way.

I will most likely edit out the two on the right. I have another yellow on the way.

Moda Grundge-Sugar Cookies-The background

When my new fabrics arrive I will post the remaining selections Then I promised myself to put everything away until the first step is announced on 11/29/2013

My granddaughter, Jana is here for the weekend. Today we did some cutting and tomorrow will be a sewing. We can't post pictures now because she is working on a present for someone. Have no fear her progress will be revealed in a few weeks.
Thanks for checking in and have a great week.

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