Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Enjoying fall colors, then heading north for a workshop with Pat Pauly

This past weekend was a busy one. Jana completed the quilt top she was working on, and I started to quilt it. It's not my favorite thing to do, but this is a small quilt, so it should go quickly (I hope). One fun thing about this project has been finding a different way to use a quilt pattern. Here is a small peak at the quilt...Yes I know it's upside down. She does not care. Hopefully she will be ready for the big reveal in a few weeks.
This is the same pattern I used for my green snowman quilt a few posts back. I also plan to try a holiday table runner. I think it should be fun.

This coming weekend we won't be quilting together. I am heading north to Port Clinton for a Pat Pauly work shop. I think we are making a pattern called big leaf. Very appropriate for this time of the year isn't it? This is the first quilting workshop I have attended and I am looking forward to doing a different kind of quilting together with the Port Clinton Ohio Star Quilt quilters.

I think fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The colors are fantastic and I love staring out my great room windows at the woods. The colors are so inspirational. I have promised myself to do some quilt that reflects the fall splendor. Just not this year, with Bonnie Hunter on the horizon. I do know my limits.

Deer fence guards the entrance to the garden.

One of the quirks of nature is that while some plants are going to sleep others are setting buds for the next year.

Stinking Hellebore sets new leaves and flower buds.
One plant has inspires me to think about planning an art quilt is the Sassafras. Did you know that each tree can have three different shaped  leaves. I love the colors and the form of the leaves. They also display interesting flowers in the spring. I would love to do a four season wall hanging with Sassafras theme.
Four now we are packing the car to head north. Our youngest is at home cat sitting. It should be an interesting weekend. Thanks for checking in.

Sassafras trees    

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