Sunday, March 30, 2014

Delightful Stars - Paper Piecing-Not So Bad

It's been a week or so since  Michele Foster sent us her paper piecing Tutorial. She included six practice blocks that will  prepare us for the paper-pieced blocks in this quilt. I have been procrastinating.

Luckily there where two other blocks I could work on. Yes, I got behind. But I've made good progress this weekend, and I don't hate paper piecing anymore. I will not go as far as to say I am in love with in, but it's okay.

A really pretty block is Lesson 7 - Block 4. If you have been following along you know my goals are to have the stars sort of float on the background. I am also trying to achieve a softer misty sort of look for this quilt, like am impressionist painting. That explains my lighter fabric selections.

Block 4

The last block before the paper piecing practice is  Lesson 8: Block 23. This looks like an Ohio Star. My picture does not do the block justice as it is more colorful in person. I usually do the square method when I make this block. This time I tried the template method, which are cut from strips. I actually like it and my squares did not need trimming. Maybe I'm getting this accuracy thing after all.

Block 23
Okay, finally nothing left to do on this project but practice. I am so glad that I purchased the specialty paper and the add a 1/4 ruler. The paper came off really nice and the ruler came in handy. I was skeptical about the rule because I have used other templates to add a 1/4 on other projects. This really did work well. I also ended up using it to fold the paper on the longer folds.

So......the reveal..drum roll please......

Here they are. At least most of them. The heart is my favorite. I love the little basket too, but I made a mistake on it. Somehow I was off 1/2 inch at the top on some pieces. So I just made a little brim on the basket. I know it's only practice. I just can't stand to waste the block, so I improvised. I think it is kind of cute.

The basket with the boo-boo

Lovely Heart

Nearly Perfect Star
Deluxe Square-in-a-Square
Bluebell - should have not used the same fabric-but it's for practice right?
 I still have one practice block to do. It is a twisted log cabin. I decided that I had taxed my brain enough for one day. My sewing area is a disaster so I am cleaning up. If tomorrow's day at work isn't too bad I may try to complete the last practice block so I am ready for Paper Pieced Lesson when it arrives.

Michele says that after doing these practice blocks "you will have the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle any beginner/intermediate project". Bring it on!  I am ready! Thanks to Michele Foster. It's not to late to participate. See the Delightful-Star link on this blog.

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