Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sew-in with granddaughter Jana. Blocks for Veterans.

It's been a few weeks since my granddaughter Jana and I have had the opportunity to get together to sew. With no projects in process we where free to just play around and sew for fun.

A few weeks back I read a blog by fellow blogger Kevin the Quilter.

Kevin wrote asking for 12 1.2 inch squares to help him make Quilts of Valor for Veterans.  He said that it takes 30 blocks to make a quilt. Check out the link above for the details.

30 blocks placed on the floor.

I showed Jana his post and we both agreed it would be a easy and fun block to do (that means we can't goof up too bad if we get to talking, and singing and laughing). Kevin was very smart in picking this block. It is so easy  and different fabrics and placement gives infinite possibilities for the final quilt.

For both of us this is the ideal project. I love to piece. Jana likes piecing too. Making the quilt sandwich and quilting, another story.  I send all my quilts to a long-arm quilter. So for someone to ask for binding, no  quilting...oh joy, joy. joy.

Jana points to her favorite block-Jana is 11 (almost 12 she says)

We  picked mostly tone on tone fabrics, with some feminine flair. After all there are lots and lots of female Veterans. We may have pushed the boundaries with the tone on tone fabrics, but we wanted something that would make the female veterans smile. The fabrics passed the test for reading neutral when you see them in the photo.  Once we finished our 30 blocks, we just kept on sewing and ended up with 35 blocks, which will be on there way to Kevin early next week.

Maybe in a few weeks we will have a another sew in.  Jana is already thinking about what fabrics to use for the next 30 blocks. This was a wonderful experience for Jana. We where able to spend time together, and time sewing. I was also able to share some about Quilts of Valor. Both of Jana's grandfathers where in the military. I work at a Veterans Medical Center. So this was a weekend making reflections of our love and respect for our Veterans.

Kevin is accepting blocks through mid June. He swears he is not getting overwhelmed and wants the blocks to keep on coming. So Quilt On fellow quilters!

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  1. Darlene! I just received the blocks! Thank you AND JANA so much! Reading your post is SO VERY heartwarming to me for many reasons! I was taught to sew by my grandmother. Your post also reminds me of how children love to give as well! Jana and you did a great job! I am humbled by your giving spirits! Blessings to both of you!