Saturday, March 1, 2014

Little bits of this and little bits of that.

I can't believe it myself. I am not working on any large project. No grandchildren this weekend. They went to a hockey game. Nothing but time. Another winter storm is heading our way. So this weekend I am just piddling.

There was a new lesson for the Delightful Stars Quilt-Along. It had a fair amount of pieces. Michele Foster, suggested we  measure as we went along. I am glad I followed her advice. My star went together easily. Keep the pieces organized was the biggest challenge. Each lesson has taught skills that are built on. It's fun seeing the progression of the quilt and my skills. I am proud to say, things are coming out as they should!

Lesson 6: Block 14

It's hard to see the light fabric, but it is a lovely Japanese fabric. I felt it really brighten up this block.

close up of center

I was the most happy about how the pinwheel block matched with the flying geese to create the star.

I really do need to get a design wall, or something other than my basement floor. But since I am looking down at it. I seem to get the best pictures that way.

With my star completed I decided to work on an old leader and ender challenge. I think Bonnie Hunter issued this challenge two years ago. I was late getting started and continue to go "spooling around" on this project. I completed more spool blocks and some kits to work on tomorrow.


Four spools make one block. Four blocks make a bigger block..I have several hundred by now. But the blocks are not that big...I may need a few hundred more. I plan to just keep making spools and making spools with scraps from each project. In fact I think I'll make some spools from the Delightful Stars scraps tomorrow.

However. My progress on the spool quilt might be delayed by the newest Leader and Ender Challenge-Lozenges! Bonnie Hunter announced this project yesterday on her blog.. It is inspired by an antique quilt Bonnie posted. Here is the link

Bonnie Hunter's newest Leader and Ender Challenge.
Wouldn't this be fun to do in Christmas fabric.  I also thought it would be neat in grays and blacks for a nice crisp modern looks.

Before I can start this I do have one small project hanging over my head. A challenge quilt. I pick the phrase Christmas Morning. You would think it would be easy, and I have lots of ideas in my head. They are stuck there. I can't draw. I am making this thing small, maybe 24 x 36 inches. I am thinking of a Christmas tree in front of a window, with a cat sleeping in tissue paper under the tree. Sounds sweet does it? Question is, can I pull it off. It's due the end of March. So with much trepidation I plan to at least get the background and window done. (no fireplace) I think the tree will be appliqued. But without the lights, maybe some button ornaments? Hopefully I'll have something to show next week. Stay warm everyone. Think spring!

The inspiration.

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