Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fun with Bonnie Hunter's patterns

First things first! My Hidden Spools quilt top is finished and ready to go to Sandy, my long-arm quilter. This quilt began in the class Bonnie taught in Carrollton, KY. As you can imagine the class was lots of fun and I got a great start on the quilt.

During class Bonnie suggested I add a blue inner border. No surprise that her idea was right on and the blue really framed the quilt. This was such a simple pattern to make. I like it so much I plan to do a smaller baby quilt for a friend.

Hidden Spools.

While this was/is a scrappy quilt I used a very limited color palette, just orange and white. I'm not sure why, but I'm going through this monochromatic color thing. I'm calling it single color playtime.
I love going through my stash to see how many oranges and white, or greens and beige, or grays I can find. Then I like to play around with the fabrics to discover a pleasing arrangement of the various tones. I like seeing how the various shades play with each other, or not.

The quilt I am working on now is the newest Bonnie Hunter Leader/Ender challenge, Lozenges. Bonnie used various 3.5 x 6.5 fabrics, and two inch squares to make this beautiful quilt.

an upside down picture-but you get the idea.

I loved the colorful quilt, but I decided to go in a totally different direction.As Bonnie says, "It's your challenge".  I'm going gray. Hey to match my hair........

Color play with grey

Each of the lozenge, has a two inch square on each corner. I am using the center silver fabric for the two inch squares. The name for the quilt is  "Searching for the Silver Lining". The squares come together like a diamond in each corner.

"my silver lining"

I may regret using this fabric for the corner squares, rather than going scrappy. I feel like I have cut thousands of two inch squares. I am a little worried that I may not have enough "silver lining" fabric to do the quilt. I have a back up plan...For now I'll just keep making the blocks until I run out of two inch squares. I'll reassess at that point. I do have a border planned, but may need to get creative. Only time will tell.

Along with these two Bonnie Hunter patterns, I am planning two different Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilts. My eldest son wants a quilt that is mostly green. So I will be doing  a green Scrappy Mountain for him, and finally a Scrappy Mountain quilt with fall colors for my daughter.

Bonnie sure is keeping me busy. No complaints here. Just having fun.

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