Monday, May 26, 2014

More Fun with Bonnie Hunter Patterns

When I don't know what to do, or need a distraction, I sew. The last few weeks have been a reality check. A you think you have control, but any day something can happen to turn you world upside down week.  A Serenity Prayer kind of week.  I've been sewing a lot, and working in the garden. I think the cure for worry is wear yourself out, then you are too tired to think about problems.

Long story short. Two weeks ago today our son was working in Lima, Ohio. He went out that evening, just a few blocks from his hotel. He was assaulted and robbed. The assault caused a TBI.
It's hard to make sense of things that are senseless.

So  the Lozenges quilt I was getting together has taken on a new meaning. It was always meant for my son. But it was to be blacks and greys. A sophisticated blend of organic looking fabrics. So plans change. I substituted black for a nice grey fabric with silver.  I am calling it "Searching for the Silver Lining". These pictures do not do this quilt justice. It's looks dull in the picture, not so in person. I'm sure when my long-arm quilter, Sandy Erwin, finishes quilting it, that it will be outstanding!  No pressure Sandy!.

Quilt top on the grass, not a good picture.
My initial plan was to make the entire quilt with lozenges, no borders. I didn't have enough of my silver lining fabric to do that, so plans changed. I had the thin grey border fabric left over from an oriental quilt I made him a few years ago. More of the lozenges, without the corners, made a second border. Finally a nice big border to frame everything. Tom is getting better each day. I plan to give him the quilt for his next birthday.

I thoroughly checked it out and it passed inspection

Here are the details
Ready for the long arm quilter

One project done and on to two Scrappy Mountain Majesties.

 On her recent trip home, my daughter was looking through my stash and fell in love with some  fabrics that looked the autumn. She pulled out fabrics one by one, "ooh, this is neat, here's another", Nicole said.  My elder son had already requested a green quilt and I had picked out Scrappy Mountain Majesties as his quilt. She liked it too. Now they are both getting Scrappy Mountain Majesties.

Early samples

She wants the quilt to look like leaves on the forest floor.
My daughter wants a throw size quilt, so her Scrappy Mountains should come together quickly. We are thinking about calling it "Autumn Glory".

My son, on the other hand, wants something large enough to wrap up in. He about 6'2". I have a nice container full of green fabrics, every pattern and shade. So picking fabric should be lots of fun. You may have noticed that each block has a light/dark contrast. So he has requested a light blue sky fabric to contrast with the green mountains. If you have every seen the Appalachian Mountains you have an idea what he wants.  So his quilt will be  represent the mountain in spring and early summer.

This is such a easy and fun quilt to make. The blocks go together fast. Check out Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville blog for the free pattern.

So for today, saying the Serenity Prayer, and sewing on.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your son's injury. I certainly hope and pray for his complete recovery. The quilt will be perfect for him, as will the quilts for your daughter and other son. I've quilted through a lot of events, so I surely understand how this is what you need to do right now.

  2. Tom's quilt looks neat! you got that done FAST!! Can't wait to see what you do for Tim's!