Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nothing like a plan coming together, or not.

I have taken the last week or so to finish some projects, and try to organize my stash  and the projects in progress.

First thing was to finish the binding on my nephew Chris's quilt. There is something about getting the quilt back from the long arm that is almost Christmas like. I have  never had a top that was not enhanced by the quilting. I like this quilt and it fit the bill for Chris who likes green and purple and old fashion things. I choose a darker purple border and I think it really enhanced the quilt.

Finished quilt for Chris
This quilt was lots of fun. It was so easy and family helped keep it a surprise. They gave me suggestions for the style and colors and kept quiet as mice while I worked on it. He seemed genuinely surprise and seemed to like  it too.

quilt glamor shot.

The second project that came together is a Round Robin quilt project with the Ohio Star Quilter in Port Clinton. This is my finished top. The middle star is named meeting point, to represent Port Clinton as a meeting point for quilters.

Meeting Point Round Robin Quilt.

I left the quilt in Port Clinton and Sandy, my long-arm quilter, will put it together and quilt it. I will just need to bind it and put on a hanging sleeve. I never have done one before, but should be easy. I can't wait to see it quilted. The Port Clinton Ohio Star Quilters will have a quilt show in July. All of the Round Robin quilts will be in the show. I can't wait to participate and see how everyone  block look finished.

Sometimes things don't go well. My last fun project resulted in disappointment and uncertainty.  Maybe you can relate. You may have worked for weeks or months to make your project perfect and then something goes wrong?

That is my sad story. I received my Celtic Solstice back from Sandy. I bound it and decided to give it a quick wash before I sent it off as a gift. I had tested small pieces of the fabric, so I had no worries when I put it in the washer, with cold water and several color catchers.

What a shock and disappointment. My blue backing faded terribly all over the quilt. I did not realize this until I had damp dried it. My white fabric looks light gray, and even worst some of the colors looked like they are dirty because of the blue fading.If there is anything good it is that I washed it before I gave it away. It would have been horrid to give it as a gift and have it fade all over the first time they washed it.

fades to blue grey
I am pretty sure it's the quilt backing fabric that faded. I ended up washing it three times before the water came clear. I am still uncertain what to do. I have considered Rit color remover, but that sounds a little risky. I will probably try to wash it at least another time to see if I can remove any more from the color that faded on the fabric. My husband and son say that if you didn't know it was white you would never know. I am struggling with the fact I do know what it did look like and how it looks now. This was probably my favorite quilt. For now it hangs on the steps railing waiting for me decide what to do.

So this week I will take some time out for gardening, but my goals are to put together the quilt for Chris's brother Matt. June is my turn to bring a project for the block of the month at the Ohio Star Quilters here in Cincinnati. I am thinking about scrappy mountain majesty.

Two smaller projects to quilt (one pillow and a wall hanging) still need to be completed.

 Finally between now and the end of June I need to decide what quilts to put in the Port Clinton quilt show, then make the hanging sleeve for each one. It's both exciting and nerve racking!

Just want to share that even a late spring sunset over Lake Erie can be beautiful. G'night, and happy quilting.


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