Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Easy does it, not always that easy-Grand Illusion- Clue 3

Hello Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt fans.  Another week of piecing, work,  and holiday preparation. While I have finished 80 of Clue three, I have not hit my target. However I am off work today and will not go to sleep until I finish those last 40 blocks. This is an easy block, but as Bonnie has told us over and over, if your seam is off just a little and it's multiplied by many seams, you can be off a lot in the end.  In my excitement I was a little too speedy sewing some strips, and did not pay enough attention to my seam allowance. You guessed it, I had to redo some block.

80 down- 40 to go

My progress so far is respectable. I have finished Clue 1, only done four of  clue 2 (was out of town that week) and will finish Clue 3 before the next Clue is released. I am proud that I'm keeping this in perspective, the last few Mystery Quilts I sewed like a mad woman the minute the clue was released.

This year I am relaxing and enjoying the process. I think since I have changed some fabric on my quilt I am being a little more thoughtful as I work through this quilt. An example of this is my decision to use a constant green fabric. Now I warn you that I have an imagination when it comes to fabric. For example my blues remind me of the water of Lake Erie and the green are the lily pad or grasses with the light reflecting off them. Yeah, I know that's a little out there. However, that is why I chose this fabric. I had a preference for a lighter fabric, but did not have enough and did not know if I would get the look I was after by going scrappy. I also thought the lighter it might look too washed out.

Which green to use?

Today's goal is to take my time sewing strips so I have a consistent seam and finish those 40 blocks. I want to straighten my sewing area and organize my fabric so I'm ready for the next clue. Oh yeah, I almost forget, and I'm getting a new furnace today. How much excitment can one girl take?

Be sure to check our Bonnie's link for Clue 3. I know it's the same block over and over, but it is fun to see what colors everyone is using and check out some quilting blogs at the same time.


  1. I try to keep up too but am enjoying it alot more than usual!

  2. Like your colors. I have about 10 of Clue 3 left to finish, at least the strips are sewn together. Way behind on Clue 2, but I have been using them as leaders and enders through Clue 3. I think I'm about 1/3 the way through with them. I noticed last year after doing the mystery that I am much more consistent with my 1/4 inch seems! Guess practice does make perfect as long as you do it right!

  3. I love seeing everyone's different colour selections. I can see water and lily pads there!

  4. It's good I'm not doing this project. Flawless, consistent seams are not my strong point.

  5. Love the colors!! And you picked the right green - the other one would not have stood up to the blue. Glad to hear of someone else slowing down & really enjoying the process of the mystery this year!

  6. Your greens and aquas are illuminating! LOVE them!