Saturday, December 27, 2014

Why do I do things the hard way-finishing clue 2-and moving onward.

Sometimes I wonderful why it takes me so long to get a clue done, and then I wonder why the heck I did not figure it out sooner. I swear I worked on clue two for three days. I decided to go ahead and sew those bonus triangles. I did this when I made a quilt for an aunt, and I used the bonus triangles as a border. The thing is that quilt did not have so many triangles. I mean four extra triangles on each block times 100 blocks. What was I thinking? These things are about 1 inch. Again, what was I thinking. I think I had a lapse in my good sense!

I thought I would use them. I actually have some orphan Blocks from Easy Street that have the same purple and teals. I figured I could add them to that and make something fun and funky. I did not count on how much time it would take to do that extra sewing.  It finally dawned on me and I STOPPED. I completed my last forty in record time. Finally that step is complete. This is what I have left to show for my work. I just stuck them into a zip lock bag. After all that I may use them...someday.
bonus triangles-  about 240 sewn. Then I came to my senses.
This is probably not how Bonnie is using these block, but I will in another quilt.

I moved ahead to step 5 because Bonnie said it would be easy. I had it completed in no time. I had already cut my strips, so it was easy to sew together. Most of my quilt is not scrappy, but my neutrals are. I used as many fabrics as I could find, and followed Bonnie advice with no more than four or five four patches of each set. Yes, my four B blocks are upside down in the picture. I made these all the same. I am feeling more confident about my color changes as everything comes together.

Step 5

Going backwards, I started on Step 4 this afternoon.  We have done this block, so it was not a matter of difficulty. Frankly I thought I had miscalculated my purple and white half square triangles from Step 1. I had to borrow some from my extras to complete the step. I assumed I would run out so I deferred working on this step until now. Funny thing is I had more than enough purple half square triangles. I guess I made extras?  So far I have cut out, and made 42 kits for the first block. I hope to put these together tomorrow, and maybe even get the kits for the second set made. I love making up the kits so when I have some extra time I can head down to my sewing space and power sew.

Layout of step 4
It's been a while since I've had several days off work, with nothing scheduled, to just sew. It has been wonderful. If I am lucky I may be caught up by Sunday night. If not that is okay too. I have New Years Day off work, another chance to sew.  I'll probably go through and make sure all my units are the correct size and do any needed trimming as some of those clue 2 blocks are a little wonky.  Here's hoping and waiting for Friday. Do you think we will start putting a block together this Friday?
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  1. They're looking good, Darlene!

    I wouldn't be surprised if we are assembling things in the next clue. I'm looking forward to seeing how all these beautiful bits go together.

  2. never can tell what Bonnie has planned!

  3. I love your mock-up with clue #2. No hurries, no worries. Great job!