Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pride goeth before the fall-Clue #2

Ok, I admit it, sometimes I think I know what I am doing. I get in a rush and bulldoze my way through a step. This mostly happens when I'm in a hurry. After all I've seen and done this block before, kind of. The single version of this was one of the borders in Bonnie Hunter's Lazy Sunday Quilt. You can see how nice they turned out in the picture below. In case you can't tell it's the purple border.

Lazy Sunday Detail-
So one would think if I have done hundreds of these babies in the past this would be a snap. I am doing method three and hey, "I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING"!  Uh oh, spoke too fast. The first one came together okay, but as I sped up and I got sloppy (has anyone else done that?) I lost control. Head hanging, I saw my mistake and took a step back. Okay, I have to take my time. I should draw the line on the squares and not just wing it. I need to PAY ATTENTION!  The goal for me, is to do it right, not to be sloppy. I can do it either way, my choice, but I will kick myself every time I see it if I can do better, but don't. Since I only got four done I am showing my good and not so good work. I'll redo the not so perfect blocks and add it to my orphan block bin for a future really scrappy project.

Can you spot the "bad" block?

If you have checked into my blog before you know that I had changed pink for purple,brown for black and swapped the neutral and turquoise. So the blue watery print in my neutral. I am absolutely in love with this fabric. I was apprehensive about my decision to make this change, but as I see this block come together I am feeling better.

I am using some constants: the turquoise, brown and yellow. Regardless of whether my fabrics for each color are scrappy or constant I am making sure they play well with this watery fabric.  Did I already say I'm in love with it?

I am also in acceptance of lack of my progress. I only have 17 Clue 1 completed. On the good side, the rest are made into block kits and ready to sew. I hope to spend a hour each night this week, and have this step completed before #3 is released.
Step one kits.

Getting ready to kit a few of step 2

At least it is cut into strips.

My progress plan is to cut one or two strips for clue 2 at a time. Each strip gets about 8 blocks. That way it does not seem as overwhelming. Soooo if things go as planned Friday will find step 1 completed, and some progress toward step 2. In the past I was obsessed and had every step finished before the next clue was released. This year is different. Perhaps I'm learning patience.

So if you are finding it impossible to keep up, no worries. Follow Bonnie's suggestion of doing a few of each clue. I do enough to feel comfortable with the block. That way if I get stuck I can get help from the great groups working on this project.

Also check out the linky to see the progress everyone it making. That is the most amazing part of this project. Quilters around the world (yes around the world), are quilting together. As of this morning over 162 quilters have linked up for Clue 2. Yeah for Bonnie!



  1. Your fabrics look really pretty. It will be fun to see the end result with your different colour arrangement!

  2. I love your blue watery fabric too! Such a great inspiration for the quilt. You have me beat, I have only 4 blocks done from step one, and haven't tried step 2 yet ;) But all in good time!

  3. Pretty! will make a Beautiful quilt....looking forward to Friday.