Monday, September 9, 2013

Bear Crosses the mountain with the setting sun.

Hurrah, the piecing is finished. Thanks to those who offered comments. The sunset fabric is the winner.
Jana previewed the fabric. She discarded the white as a first border because it just seemed too bland. We found a pale blue in the stash and agreed it would be a perfect transition piece.

The sunset fabric provide a vivid frame and rather than distract from the mountains in the center seems to set things off. The second border is where she used the sunset. The book only had one six inch border, so Jana decided to make the sunset boarder 6 inches. The entire piece was then framed with a purple border.

The pattern is really a wall hanging, so adding the additional borders added enough width and length to make a small throw. Since her mom lives in South Carolina, they don't exactly need quilts for warmth. I think will be the perfect size for the back of a chair or sofa..

The applique is fused, raw edge applique. I used a blanket stitch to attach the bear. Up close it will not win any prize. I am hoping when it is quilted there will be more dimension. The paws are too small for us to machine applique, so I think I will do a blanket stitch by hand. The back will be the same purple fabric as the border.

I plan to quilt this myself. That could change, depending on if I get overwhelmed, frustrated or both. It's nice to always have a back up plan. 

In case you didn't see this in the previous post, here is the picture Nicole sent of the sun setting over the mountains in South Carolina. This picture also influence the selection of the sunset fabric. All that is left is the quilting and binding. I have a feeling that will take longer than it did to make the quilt.


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  1. This turned out to be a beautiful, unique piece. I'm sure however it is quilted, it will be great. Jana has a good eye for fabrics and color.