Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spooling, and gardening, on a Sunday afternoon.

Another week has come and gone, and this is an absolutely fabulous day: The weather is perfect, with low humidity. The wind chimes are playing a tune. I think it's called come to the garden, come to the garden. As much as I love to piece it would not be right to stay  indoors on such a wonderful day. So we didn't.

Jana helped me re-potted some Hosta, we picked up sticks, blew away the leaves and watered, watered, watered.  Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. We roasted marshmallows on the fire pit and made smores, and drank peach tea..

My woodland garden. Did I mention I like Hosta?

I have  sentimental themes in many of my garden beds, just as I do in my quilts. One of my beds is a memorial garden bed. There is a Hosta named Memories of Dorothy and another named Barbara Ann, for my mom and my sister. There a Hosta called Blue Angel, Earth Angel, Remember Me, Mourning could go on forever. And, I kid you not, there is a Hosta in my garden called Quilting Bee. The Hostapedia also shows Quilted Cup, Quilted Hearts, Quilted Mound, Quilted Skies and Quilting Party. This could be trouble. I may need a new bed just for the Quilting Hosta.

The Memorial Garden bed.

Some of the plants have taken a beating with the late summer heat and lack of water. Not to mention it is fall and shorter days do signal the plants it's time for a rest.

This one can't stand the heat and dryness.
Even though we spent the day in the garden we didn't forget about quilting or piecing. We pieced and assembled blocks on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. This week we decided to put some time in on the spools. Since we started making these cute little spools we have accumulated about 230.

Spools everywhere.

 We decide if we put them together in four piece blocks it would be easier to see what we had.  Bonnie Hunter suggested  having diversity of color in each block. We tried to do that, but  have this thing about complimentary colors. So sometimes we just picked things at random and other times we planned our block.

Playing around with our spools

Initially I planned to just square up the four piece blocks and stack them for assembly at a later date. You know how plans go. When I laid them out I got a little excited and then started to sew four, four piece blocks together. So now we have 12 inch blocks

Six 12 inch blocks.
I love the look of these blocks. My plan is to make one quilt that is nothing but spools. When I saw the blocks I thought they would look neat with dark sashes. I still think I will stick with the original plan. We have many more spools to put together in blocks and many more spools to make. This quilt could take a year or more to make.

I admit that long projects where never my cup of tea. But I am enjoying these little spools and the memories associated with all these scraps.

Thanks for checking in.

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  1. The spool blocks are great. It's going to be a wonderful quilt.

    I envy you your skill with hostas. Our Southern Ohio weather was beautiful this weekend, wasn't it?