Sunday, September 1, 2013

Craftsy BOM-September-Darlene learns to hand applique-Jana doesn't.

Craftsy BOM 2013- September

Our initial excitement about the applique' baskets with flowers was dampened last month when he had our first experience with applique'. Our handles didn't turn out so well so we where a little anxious about appliqueing  all those leaves and petals. Fortunately our fears where not realized. Although we didn't follow the directions exactly, we did accomplish the task.

I was intimated by the hand-applique' but I determined to learn how to do it. I went to my local quilt store and purchase the book  Hand-Appliqued Quilts by Tonye Belinda Phillips. It is a good introduction to applique and gave me ideas on some simple designs and techniques. These techniques, combined with those in the September lesson enabled me to accomplish the task.

I used this as inspiration for my flowers.

While I thought this would be easier than the pattern for the block I probably deluded myself. Once I started to applique' I discovered I really do like it and ended up adding more to my block than I had planned. Also when I saw how full Jana's basket looked I added a few more flowers and a little embroidery. We also might add some yo-yos once the quilt has been quilted.

My first attempt at hand applique'

Jana on the other hand

I still don't want to do hand applique'
I can balance a ruler on my head, but I can't hand sew!

What did she do? She used the fusible, heat-n-bond, and ironed her leaves, petals and circles onto the quilt. She experimented with different setting on her sewing machine for the applique. I must say that some of these are not traditionally used for applique', but what the heck...we are just having fun...right?

No surprise that Jana picked a colorful Christmas green for her leaves. The flowers where a soft pink, which really worked against the brighter tones of her basket. The thread she used to applique' was the same as the pink fabric, so any imperfections are difficult to see. I must say that she did a rather good job, especially for her first try.

Jana's basket and flowers-machine appliqued
 One fun lesson from this block was how to cover up mistakes. Her handled had some pleats in it, we experimented and decided to add little pink circles that look like beads.  This covered up our problem area and looks kind of cute too.

cover ups.
Another fun lesson is that it's easier to turn your fabric when you are wearing gloves. This surprised Jana. Will I be able to get those gloves back? I think she has claimed them for herself.
Jana's first machine applique' flower.

It's easier to move your block around with gloves.

We here we are again, we finished another month and feel like we can tackle about anything. We are familiar with the techniques for the rest of the quilt so there are no worries about being able to finish.

old school versus new school

We like them both. We each did our thing and we each learned something new.

Traditional fabrics and technique
Modern fabric and technique

Speaking of modern-a modern photo shot from an unusual perspective.

A peak at the layout so far.
Jana says everyone has to wait for her big reveal!. She'll post it when it complete!

Thanks for checking in. Have fun this week, and quilt together.

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  1. Jana is so cute - and I'm with her. I can't do hand sewing well either and I also can't balance a ruler on my head.

    I admire Darlene's hand applique and especially love seeing the two girls working together.