Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mountain crossing-which way to go?

With the Craftsy BOM set aside until October it's time to get back to work on the quilt Jana and I are making for her mom. A few posts back we introduced Mountain Crossing.

Our inspiration.

We have the mountains done. Jana sat out this portion. It was not as easy as I expected. The block was not complicated. It just took concentration, and sometimes we are more about distraction. We like to talk and sing as we sew. Regardless the center is complete. It is close enough to the picture to make us happy.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.
As you can see, the quilt in the book has a white border. The bear is fused on, and I still am uncertain what to do about that. Does one blanket stitch around the edges?  And what about those paw prints?

Bright enough?

Ever the colorful one Jana wants to use this fabric in the quilt. I initially said I think it's too dramatic and will distract from the mountains. However....

Interesting options

So here is our process dilemma.
1. Follow the pattern and only use a 6" white border.
2. Use a white border-perhaps thinner than 6", maybe 2",  and then add a wide border of the sunset fabric.
3. Forget the white and just go with a wide sunset.

Anyone want to add their opinion? We promise to consider all. The borders are Jana's territory and she will make the final decision. If needed I'll give technical support. As far as the applique' we are both newbies, so I guess we will figure that one out together.

Thanks for checking in.

Nicole sent this picture which was taken in the mountains of South Carolina. Looks like the sunset fabric is going to be a winner.


  1. I think the sunset fabric might work. It would certainly add a lot of interest to the quilt.

  2. I think the white is needed to break up the quilt from the sunset fabric. Maybe do 3" of white then the sunset, this way you have place for the footprints. and the vibrant sunset is still there. because i don't think the pawprints will show up on the bright fabric.

    Also, what are you using for the back? how big is the bear? how big are the pawprints? However big (wide) the pawprints are, i would make the white just slightly wider than them.

    I think too, to let everyone else see the reason behind the sunset fabric, you should share at least one of the sunset pictures i sent.