Sunday, December 1, 2013

Getting Started on Celtic Solstice-Using New Tools

Here we are in December and this is the start of the newest Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt, Celtic Solstice. Between visiting with out of state company, a baby shower and time with my granddaughter I was able to get all pieces for Step 1 cut and have begun to sew. My sewing time has been limited this weekend but I have enough of a start to feel comfortable with the process. I am confident, or at least hopeful, I will be finished before the next step is released.

This is the first time I have used  TRI-RECS Rulers. I must say they do make the piecing go quickly and the notch on the rules helps you place your piece precisely.  When I began to cut I did not appreciate how helpful the little notch would be in placement. I admit I had to recut a few after watching Bonnie's video in her Step 1 instructions. It's amazing!. As my granddaughter would say, "once you understand how it works it's easy peasy". My advice, don't just read Bonnie's instructions, watch the videos embedded in the instructions too.

See the notch in the ruler
The notch helps you place the piece

I know that many are strip piecing these. For now I have decided to complete each piece as I go. I am a process girl and I like to see how things are coming together. This is especially true when I start a new project, make a new block or use a new tool. Since I'm doing all three with this project it is block by block for now. Below is a sample of my progress so far. I'm sticking close to Bonnie's colors. Those paint chips we use to pull our fabric really do help.

I am doing things a little less scrappy. I am using the same fabric on both sides of the triangle. So far I am happy with the look once I get really comfortable with the block I might go a little wild and mix things up.

Keeping it simple
My background here is Moda Grunge fabric. I just love the clean look of the blue and white. The white actually has subtle highlights in the fabric. It will be interesting to see how these all come together in the end. For now I am just enjoying the process.
Sewing along?
There are various online communities, including a Facbook group where you can share your progress, ask questions and get support.. Don't forget to check our Bonnie's site on Monday for the linky.
It's not to late to join the group. Just click on the green bear to join the fun.


  1. I debated about making both side triangles the same blue but in the end I went with non-matching. Yours look great.

    Barbara in MD

  2. Thanks. I hope to finish my neutral today. I did not cut enough of the wings. I may mismatch some of these as I cut the remaining pieces.