Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tackled Step 5 - Split Triangle Units-all done.

Oh what a happy surprise. I had a plan to get 20 units a day done in order to be finished before the next step is published. I did 20 Friday night and kitted up another 20 blocks. Today things just fell in place and I have them all finished, and trimmed.

I wonder how they will be used in the quilt.

Sometimes  I like to kit up my  units and make them one at a time. This is especially true is the unit has several pieces. It helps me stay organized.  I usually put together 10-20 kits at a time. This may seem more labor intensive, but it works for me. I like seeing each unit come together and I find I make less mistakes this way. Also is I get interrupted it is easy to get back on task.

Kit for split  triangle unit

After doing a few of these units my memory kicked in and I recalled doing these for a block in a previous quilt. Was it Easy Street?  To ensure everything went in the right direct I kept Bonnie's  instructions with pictures near my machine. My only change in construction was to flip the unit and sew the second wing from the back. I like how everything lays and I only had to clip the corner and finger press to put the unit together.

Sew first triangle to block.
 sewed my second side from the back.
clip the corner
Finger press open

Ready to go together.
I do not have a lot of diversity in my fabrics, perhaps five or six fabrics for each color. Still I like how everything is coming together. There is just enough difference to keep it interesting. I am also happy that I stuck with Bonnie's colors. I am very excited to see the finished product. So far I am loving everything about this quilt (well how it's turning out).

Samples of completed units.

Now that the step is finished early in the week I am going back and cleaning up some previous steps. I hate to report I did not square up step  1 or 2.  Today I got out my zip lock bag of chevrons and trimmed all of them. Tomorrow I am squaring up step 1.

It's hard to say how many more steps we will have. Initially Bonnie said her mysteries are usually somewhere between 6 and 8 weeks. I can't imaging we will complete the quilt next week. However, I am banking on at least putting some blocks together. I will spend my week making sure I have everything ready. I can't wait till Monday's link up and see everyone's  progress.
Thanks for checking in. Happy sewing.

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