Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pretty as Picture- Four Patches Come Together -Step 4

The week before Christmas is  busy for most of us.  I am no exception. This Saturday we had a early Christmas get together with my sister's children and grandchildren.  It was great to spend time together.We all miss my sister Barbara, but when I see her precious grandchildren I feel her and our mother smiling down from heaven and nodding with approval that we gather together this year. Barbara was the family photographer, and I dropped the ball, forgetting all about pictures. Everyone promised to email me pictures from Christmas morning.

Thank goodness Bonnie kept the busy holiday season in mind when she picked the step for this week. Step four for my Celtic Solstice quilt is 120 four patch blocks, done in orange and green. I am sure most of us have done four patches before. This time I really read Bonnie's instruction and my blocks came out perfect.

Love that shamrock fabric!

Bonnie advised to make some trial blocks and not focus as much on the seam width as the finished pieces. I use a 1/4 inch seam foot and Bonnie is correct when she says you can push up against the foot and end up with a seam that is a little wider than a 1/4". This is especially true if your guide is on the outside of the pressure foot, which mine is. So rather than a scant 1/4 " I might end up with a plump 1/4", which steals from the finished size of the block.  With a little practice and measuring, I found the sweet spot. It was so satisfying to have the block some out the right size. I admit I have a handful that need  a little trimming..But that is so much better that trimming them all.

120 plus 4 patch blocks

I wish I could remember where I read it, but someone suggested making a few extra blocks for each set. I have been doing this along the way.  I practiced this with Bonnie's Lazy Summer and when I would come across a block that was a little wonky it was handy to have an extra rather than take it apart and resew.

As much as I enjoy the holiday I am looking forward to settling into our old routines. My granddaughter and I still have to finish our 2013 Craftsy BOM. This is our priority after the holiday.

Thanks for checking in, Merry Christmas to all and God Bless.

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  1. Your shamrock fabric is very cute, and appropriate! I think I have made at least a couple of extras of each part - more because my counting wasn't perfect. But it could be handy when it comes to putting the whole thing together, to possibly avoid ending up with two of the same fabrics together.

    Sewing with your granddaughter sounds wonderful.