Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finishing Tranquil Waters front- back next

Pattern-Tranquil Waters by Tula Pink
Hurrah! Another project reached a milestone. The top is together. I wanted to take a nice picture in natural light. But it is like a swamp outside. Thawing and freezing, freezing and thawing, mushy and mucky. So just another throw it on the floor and get a picture for the record.  As simple as this pattern is I could not get it together without one mistake. The last three blocks in the last row where put in upside down. (my bad). I had just started to press when I noticed. That is what happens when you are too stubborn to put down the quilt and go to bed. It was an easy fix.

This weekend my granddaughter was here so much of our time was spent on her special project for her dad. Just check out the Papa Don't Peak page for her updates. I have started piecing the scraps from my geese for the back of this quilt. Between those pieces and my extra fabric I am confident I will have enough to do a back.

Lots of fun with half square triangles.
I am calling it Random Breakout. Because most of the blocks will be pinwheels. However, because of the variation in the  fabric it won't actually show that way. You can see this in the picture above. There will certainly be some odd blocks as I transition from one group of colors to the next. For now I am sewing four squares together to make the pinwheel block. I have not decided on the layout. And will probably be a random placement. I am not over thinking this thing. Just picking up fabric and sewing it together. The most tiring thing is that since I am using scraps all of the squares need to be trimmed to 4 inches before I can put them together. I am sure it will be worth it in the end.

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