Friday, February 1, 2013

Big ideas abandoned. On to the next project-Tula?

Okay. I have to admit that somewhere between the great idea and the implementation I have lost the will to piece the backs for my last two quilts.

Originally I had this fancy idea of using leftover sitting turkey (or house) blocks from Easy Street and this cool purple fabric for the back. I was really hot to do this, but when I got the quilt backing in the mail I did not like how the fabric felt. I am not sure why, perhaps too much sizing? I even washed it and it was still too stiff. By then all I wanted to do was get this thing finished and in the mail to Sandy, my long-arm quilter. As I  trimmed off the last of the treads one of the fabrics caught my eye. It was leftover fabric from the background to Bowman's Beach. It is a beautiful, soft fabric. The light bulb went off.  Maybe Sandy still had some of that backing fabric.That way the back would relate to the front.  A quick email and she responded yes.  Hurrah, problem solved.Quilt is now in Port Clinton, Ohio

I finally pieced the back for my newest quilt, The serenity quilt. Well I did not exactly piece it. I just sewed a seam down two pieces of fabric to make the back. I had purchase a lovely fabric with a Phoenix, which supposedly represents serenity. I had some cute fabric with the rabbit and the moon. I had planned to piece these into some wonderfully creative quilt back that would symbolize the many qualities I wish for my son. 

Well that did not work out well. When I saw the fabrics, they were nice on their own, but really just did not make any sense. Rather than over complicate the quilt I just decide to KISS..Keep It Simple Silly girl.  This quilt will be on it's way on Monday. I will be excited to see how Sandy brings it to life with the quilting. We had a nice discussion about what the quilting should look like on this last summer. I know it will be great.

So that brings me to the next project. Someday soon I will start the 2013 Craftsy BOM quilt. If the snow is not too bad my granddaughter may be here and I'll help her with block two of the Sugar Block Club. She will need help as it's paper pieced. Neither of us have done that before. It will be interesting.

I have two full size quilts I am considering. I am feeling closest to Tula Pink's Tranquil Waters. I ordered all the fabric a few weeks ago and it is just sitting there starring at me. Plus the other quilt is going to require some decision making and thinking. For now I think I am in the mood for following directions. I actually do not plan to change one single thing in this quilt. I am using every fabric suggested. No substitutions. It's a first. Tomorrow I will try to get some pictures of the lovely fabric. This will be my first project using either Tula's fabric or patterns. Has anyone read any of her books?

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