Friday, February 15, 2013

Tranquil Waters goes together, lessons learned

I alway say I want to learn something new from every project. The lesson learned today?  It is, what looks simple is not always simple. After doing a mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter and getting used to her detail instructions I am spoiled. Not every pattern,  even those you pay for have as much detail. So you (I) have to really look at the illustrations to discover what the directions don't tell.

In this regard I realized several things after I cut my the fabric. First some of the rectangles where fancy cut with designs centered..Opps... I didn't do that... I really does not show up from a distance and I am not worried about it...but just one of those things I missed.  Another of the tone on tone had lovely details I missed, like a submarine hidden in the design.  I had cut almost all the fabric before I "saw" it.. Oh well another little surprise.  Overall the quilt is coming together really nice. I have four rows together and four to go. The overall look is nice and the little details I missed? They can be our little secret.

Hopefully the front will go together tomorrow. And I WILL piece the back with my leftovers from the flying geese. Picture in the morning.

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