Sunday, January 27, 2013

Serenity Quilt-Top Done

This quilt was easy to put together  I enjoyed playing with the fabrics, especially the Kona Bay, which was fabulous to work with. This quilt is partially based on the pattern Cozy Grinchmas.  Some of the design ideas I began with did not work out.  I was able to find blocks that where a better fit with the design. I had planned the center panel, first border and 5.5 inch squares border as it is in the original pattern.The square block border is made of up fabrics from the Serenity II collection by Kona Bay. I ordered them on line and they where even better in person. The texture is wonderful and the fabric feels heavenly. I had expected to follow up with another border compiled of Seminole blocks. This did not work on several levels. First it was too distracting. The size did not work with the overall design. I decided that I did not want to show that much of the grey fabric. At that point I changed it to the side panels. I think the simpler approach was best.

The last design change was adding the cornerstones on each border. I decided I needed them on the new row and just carried them through to the end of the quilt.


You can see where the first cornerstone is. I felt the quilt would be out of balance if I carried the side panels across the bottom. The cornerstone worked better.

Actually the last design change was the border. I had planned on a 6 inch border with the gold pine trees fabric. When I got the fabric I realized the the gold was a lot bolder than I expected. I ran the idea past my son, who also felt it was a little bolder than he liked. I cut back the border to 4 inches. Then added a final border of the Diawabo Selection (for E.E. Schenck Company). I felt it set the quilt off and provided consistency throughout the quilt. The colors in this fabric had some of the same colors as the center panel.

So the top is done. It seems to be a recurring theme, but I am waiting for fabric for the back.  Hopefully I will have it by the end of he week.

2/22/2013- update

quilted and bound 2-22-2013
Corner detail after quilted and bound.
Close up of quilting
 As nice as a quilt top may look when it is finished, quilting brings it to life. This design was a perfect choice (nice job as usually Sandy). The design adds texture, but does not distract from the fabric. It's perfect. This is for my son Tom and his eyes just light up when he saw this quilt finished. I may add he is hard to impress.

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