Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Craftsy Block of the MOnth

What better way to learn a new skills than to learn together. That was the idea when Jana and I decided to do the Craftsy Block of the Month. If  you are not familiar with this project it is worth a look. BOM is a free course on Craftsy. Each month there was a video lesson. We watched them together and I observed and assisted as Jana did the blocks. She spends part of each weekend with me, so this meant we did one block every two weeks.
We have to confess that there where a few lessons we didn't like, such as English Paper Piecing (two much hand sewing).  She fell in love with Ohio Stars...so you will see extras of those. I have to say that the method taught to do these was much easier and produced better results than the way I learn. As Ohioans we must be able to do a respectable Ohio Star...We also saw a friendship star pattern and that replaced another paper piecing lesson. Finally she loved everything wonky. The pound sign, the Astrix, the wonky log cabin blocks.
Gradually something very exciting occured. Jana began to experiment with her scraps and created several scrappy, wonky blocks just for fun.
Jana is a very optimistic girl...If we ran into an obstacle she never let it get her down..Her motto is it's okay after all we are Just Having Fun.  That's what she decided to name the quilt..Just Having Fun...
The quilting was done by Sandy Erwin, Catawba Island, Ohio, who Jana just adores, and is impressed by. as she is a long arm quilter, not to mention does beautiful quilts of her own.
We are both very proud and excited about the outcome of this project. Who would think a 10 year old could do this?  Actually it could be daunting for an adult!..Again it's was really just a block at a time. I did help with the sashing and put the rows together (she has not gotten the idea of nesting those seams, plus it's a lot of fabric to handle).  Do you have a granddaughter who is interested in learning to sew?

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